Rune - filter (equipped/unequipped)

It would be great to filter by unequipped runes/glyphs

It would also save a lot of time to be able to remove runes/glyphs from the runes vault you can salvage them there why not remove them also

A limit increase on the runes would be nice also


Go to “Salvage Multiple” and there’s a button that says “Show Equipped”. Just uncheck that and you’ll see all your unequipped runes/glyphs.

What’s the difference? Either way you’ll still be getting rid of them. And I’d rather salvage so I can get rune dust.

What do you mean by limit increase?

It says you can only hold 100 runes or glyphs but it’s incorrect


yeah I have like 288. never understood why it existed if it didn’t do anything :rofl:

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I move my runes and glyphs around a lot, I don’t waste dust levelling new ones for short term us.

So being about to sort and remove them without jumping on to the dragon would be great