Rune/Glyph Guide

Hey guys, @FieryxFury and I did a collab to make a generic runing guide, and we hope it’s helpful for you. Also, I created a topic for you to ask what guide/resource you want us to create. :grin:
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Rune/Glyph Guide

Warriors: The best choice for Warriors would be an HP boost because of their HP reliant spells. Warriors additionally have high HP, so boosting them even more would allow for them to survive longer against a strong base.

Sorcerers: Sorcerers have lower HP than Warriors and usually rely on HP based spells, so the best choice for them would also be an HP boost. Additionally, the extra HP will allow for better survivability. Rage would also be a good choice since they rely on spells to deal damage to towers.

Hunters: Hunters have the lowest HP out of all 4 classes. However, adding an HP boost to them would not be beneficial.

Instead, add an ammo boost.

Why? Because buffing a small number will still get you a small number. But boosting a big number gets you an even bigger number.

But then comes Ammo VS ATK. In most cases, ammo beats ATK, because an extra ammo shot will give you more DPS than a boosted ATK would.

However, if it’s a dragon like Narlyth that relies mostly on a one shot spell for his damage output, it’s best to buff ATK over ammo.

Invokers: Since we don’t have many runes for invokers yet, it’s best to use what their spells depend on, (HP or ATK).

Extra: If your dragon is rage intensive or if you have nothing better to use, it may be a good idea to add a rage boost to help the dragon gain rage faster.


Depending on dragon, invoker can need hp or attack
Like morak when he come out need hp but currently he still can hit bases if you have enough attack rune to make sure he oneshot , namaka aswell back then need attack to take down the red mage for using cresting wave
Invoker like ikaros need hp majorly as it has mainly spell rely on hp stat like SGO, GW, invoke: stardust, the heal spell also relying on hp so it’s quite a lot of consideration

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This is a pretty good generic guide. Obviously at the end of the day you have to look at the dragon’s spells to get a good sense of what the dragon actually wants. And sometimes that will go against the general advice. For example I can think of a couple of Warriors who are more about damage mitigation by freezing towers, and only being able to use their breath attack for damage that want Attack runes over HP (Nollaig and Gryff).

Or you can see a cool dichotomy in comparing Mythic sorcerers when you look at Fafnyr and Sepulla. Sepulla primarily wants rage to be able to recast its 1 rage targeted freeze as much as possible. With a little side of HP thrown in to boost the damage your spell deals, as well as the effectiveness of the summon. Faf’nyr on the other hand, has no use for rage runes, and arguably wants attack over HP.


There’s definitely special cases that show up where things could differ! :grin:

We wanted to atleast have a general guideline of what is usually used to rune each dragon, because people often ask, so maybe consolidating it in one place would help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What’s the argument for attack for Fafnyr? I maxxed hp for him on Reginald.

My general thought with that is that Fafnyr is an excellent follow dragon but not a good lead dragon. So I usually use him to course correct on a run that has gone wrong.

With that in mind I likely have a couple of towers that have been destroyed, and so I am either finishing the base off, or using his white aoe to take out a key tower to setup the third dragon. And in that kind of scenario I care less about survivability and more about killing power.

Since he only has one spell that relies on hp (4% hp as damage) and a passive damage boost, it comes down to whether or not his damage output via the spell or the breath attack is stronger so that I can maximize the amount of damage I inflict. And from what I have seen I believe the damage is higher via the breath attack.


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