Rune guide for season dragons

I have scoured this site and google, looking for an actual guide of runes that come with season dragons.
For example, I started playing this past Christmas and had no idea what I was doing (bronze team with no guidance) so I was throwing runes on whoever with no idea that there was runes in season lines.
Please tell me there’s an actual guide somewhere so I can place proper runes on last seasons dragons.
Another thing I wanna bring up is why there isn’t an option to exchange runes? Why do we have to salvage? That seems a bit ridiculous PG :thinking:

Slap 'em a couple of common wisdom runes and you’re good to go.

The guide looks like this:

  1. Only use runes with the exact same name as the spell or resist the dragon already has
  2. Save rage and wisdom runes for dragons you have to level fast or are really good
  3. Save your legendary and mythic runes for dragons you’ll use for a LONG time.


If we could swap wisdom runes or rage runes, I’d just constantly put them on my new dragons. This forces you to get more and push for more runes.


I think you meant this:


Yes thank you

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hey, @ShadowsOfBirds made an entry guide found below

  • rage( most sought after) and experience runes are universal. Thus save them up for your best dragons that will last you for a while.

  • you may also use to plan on when to use your runes on the highest/best lineage dragon of that rune ability.

  • max only runes that you are using. Made that silly mistake myself. There never seems to be enough rune dust :cry:

ps- keeps those evasion runes. you never know when they may come in handy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Runes for building can be removed, but one for dragon cannot.
However, (perhaps a staff can confirm this), PG gives chance to remove ONE dragon rune, through support.
By one, I mean one for the entire account

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