Rune name has to match dragon spell name

It has always been that the name of a rune had to match the spell name of the dragon exactly in order for the rune to provide the stated boosts.
(Other than wisdom and rage that can be applied to any dragon.)

There was a discussion back in December where it was said that the Rune of Pride obtained from Leo’s event line works on any dragon.

Can someone from PG confirm this please? If this is true, what other runes are not specific to intended dragons? Thanks!!! @PGJared

I think it’s confirmed under the Runes guide/FAQ that the Rune’s spell name has to match the spell name on the dragon.

I thought so too. But the December post said otherwise so now I am questioning this because I gave advice to a teammate about the Pride rune only working on Leo’s because it came in his event Line. ???

No, because his rune isn’t for a spell… similar to rage runes, they enhance stats… not specific dragons (the same is true for neptus and his runes)

Runes/Glyphs aren’t locked to a dragon, just whether or not it’ll be effective for its abilities. HP and Attack boosts on runes/glyphs work on any dragon.

Thank you. I see what you are saying.
It’s very confusing when the rune has to be bought with sigils and is on a specific dragons line. It seems like it is to be applied to that specific dragon.

I guess I will have to pay better attention to the fine print going forward. Things are not always what they seem I guess.

Works on my Drakius just fine…

The runes are often created to help that dragon best they can… however imo leos sucks anyway :joy:

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