Rune Organizer - Spreadsheet Link

So if you’re like me, you take advantage of the more relaxed event of breeding to do some house cleaning on your runes. If you are like me, you also don’t like going through the in game rune vault because it is difficult to see everything at your disposal, what secondaries are what, what should be saved, moved, scrapped, you name it.

A few events ago I made a color coded chart of the runes that I had at the time, which helped me update the runes on my base. As more runes came in via chests and stuff I decided to update the chart to make it a little more user friendly and figured it might be able to help other people out. So here’s a link to a Google spreadsheet with dropdown menus of runes.

Suggestions are absolutely welcome. Hope this thing helps even a little bit lol.


Lol I was busy farming chests. No event is relaxed for me…
The spreadsheet looks organized (It’s an organizer duh lol) but I’m not sure if rune organization is really necessary… just me though. I’ll take a better look at it once I log on from a PC

Meh. Farming chests is still relaxing lol.

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As far as the necessity of it, eh, it may not be there. All I know is it helped me out when I was revamping the runes on my base and helped me keep track of what I have and can get rid of. If it helps, it helps, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

If I open this I might have to then actually use it. The thought of organizing all those runes sounds terrible, I’d rather PG do it for us lol. How long did the initial input of your runes take?


I really don’t wanna manually enter all my runes lol. Had some 1200 last time I checked and about the same on my mini. But if I did then I would actually know what I have which would be nice :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I stopped updating my spreadsheet almost a year ago. I used to track my runes when I opened silver chests, so I could find them for my dragons. Currently at 550 and staring at my 940 silver chests in dread(nought)… :scream:

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Oh I get it haha. Initially it took me forever because I was just going through one by one and putting them in a different spreadsheet and individually color coding. It took all day and was painful but it was finally a day I was doing nothing and those are rare to come by so I just bit the bullet.

This last time (if we aren’t counting the time I took to actually put the sheet together with all the drop down menus (farms and mages were killer), the actual time updating runes was not bad at all. (Ballistas would have been a royal pain, too, but I kind of cheated.) Normally I go through and automatically scrap all common and rare runes, so I don’t usually end up looking through them.

That being said, this is only for building runes and does not tackle dragon runes as of yet. (It at all.)

I made each class of rune have drop down menus for everything, including type and effect. Farms and mages may require a little hunting due to massive amounts of secondaries, but it does make it a bit easier than typing out every blessed thing hahaha.

THAT is nice! I have a 3 inch pad of paper…jotted names and lots of ??? For 2 accounts. Cuz I found a list of useless runes. Drove me crazy. Then this endind season and all of the runes and new spells. I just started green eggs.

So, you don’t list or use common runes? Or too many to list?

I included the option of them, but personally I make a concerted effort to try and use only epic and above unless I absolutely have to use rare. Commons are dust fodder for me.

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I can’t understand why anyone would want to organise your runes? There’s not enough dust so you really only have a handful you need to track and everything else should be dusted imo

Lol it was mostly for when I had to revamp my base and go through moving runes around. As of now it is strictly to keep track of what I currently have equipped in case I get something better that can be swapped out/upgraded.

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I’m not as high level and I’ve not placed correctly so I appreciate your organisation. I’m going to need a revamp too$

I see now why you’ve named yourself grumpy…sometimes someone’s organizations helps someone else.

LOL…all in good fun

Nah Grumpy is cool. He’s just had his crap together longer than other people who screwed up for too long (cough me cough)

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Awe…well I’m gonna be his favorite target soon. LOL. No offense to anyone!

Thanks, it’s helped me out. I don’t have a pc so I play on my phone. Hard to see and harder to remember!
Good night. Thanks again!