Rune removal for everyone - pls



As new dragons continue to see the daylight of the War Dragon horizon, the need for runes, arise.
I am not only refering to the epic amount of rejuvenation runes given left, right and center as event rewards. No, I am talking about actual useful runes. Rage, Wisdom, just to mention two of the obvious ones. And then it occasionally happens that a rune gets bound on a now obsolete dragon. Obsolete because yet another and stronger/better dragon saw the light of day. In this case, some can get older runes placed on dragons removed.
Some can get one rune removed once as a favour of the WD gods.
Some can get all runes removed from one dragon, and other have luck getting several runes removed more than once.

Please PG. Earn some money. Make it possible for us to use rubies on rune removal. Atleast everyone gets the same treatment then.

It’s about time rune removal becomes a thing.

Being able to use a assigned dragon rune or glyphs in another dragon

Just like tower runes…


I would definitely buy some packs to save good runes on old dragons. Even the Devines become obsolete after a few seasons.


Yes indeed. Just like tower runes.


This needs to happen!


Can’t agree more - would love some sort of removal feature.

Now, if PG needs to set a threshold of some sort to prevent eternal recycling, that’s fine too. Perhaps limiting one removal every x number of days (if need be on PG’s end)? At this point, lots of valuable runes have become stuck on obsolete drags, and a way to recover at least a portion of them would be great.


There was a thread on this in November which died a silent death.

Some ideas there might help. And I think PG saw that and silently walked away.


it was suggested before in old forum when they were doing Monthly Player request, that’s why tower runes removal was implemented. For dragon runes however, PG’s reasoning behind it not being able to remove is because they have concerns that players will replace runes that will beat certain bases that will benefit them. so that never got implemented. maybe @PGJared can give some insight.


This is something that 100% of the players would love to be able to do, but does not help them with their force feeding of runic chests so doubt it will happen.


Thanks for resurrecting this! Yes we absolutely need this given dragons are obsolete after a short period of time!


I couldn’t agree more that there is a real need for a removal feature for runes/glyphs just like the tower runes/glyphs. I feel that this should be considered a fair way to allow runes/glyphs that have equipped on older dragons to be used on newer dragons with similar spells. I also think that it’s impossible for non spenders to waste rubies on runic chests that cost more than the gold chests cost. Those runic chests should cost at least the same as the gold chests do that way more players can afford them when you do offer them at the various times throughout a season.


…isn’t this already a thing?


On Dragons you can replace, you can dust… You can’t recycle.


Well damn I didn’t even realize. I’m with this post lol. Sorry, I need some more coffee🤣


While in a lot of ways I agree, it would need to be different and more strict than how towers work. Otherwise, what’s stopping from using a few mythic runes and recycling them between your dragons every hit?


Could a PG possible compromise be that the removed rune (reasonable gem cost) is reset so we have to spend a lot or rune dust to relevel.
I feel this would discourage swapping them out here and there but it would allow you to re equip and work through a new dragon.


Ruby removal each time costs more pg wins we win

Problem solved.

Now make it happen. :grin: please


Only problem is there is no more rune dust.


I know it would have to be a balanced change with dust added in somewhere (besides Runic chests), maybe with this change spenders wouldn’t mind having it back in the season lines?


Move twice then have to dust… solves the issue long term.