Rune removal for everyone - pls



I agree I like that


Rune dust is basically gone. It comes in microscopic amounts that are meaningless. The seasonal lines used to have enough dust to max the legendary and get 3 levels on the Mythic in each line. Now, each line has what, 300k dust?

I love the OP’s idea though. Charge a reasonable amount of rubies to remove a rune, and lock it for 24 hours, like the dragons on a perch. And, unless dust becomes like the sands of the desert, no enhancement loss.

Or we can all submit the occasional ticket making our petition to the virtual gods, and hope they deal with us mercifully, at least some of the time.


Huh. I have more rune dust than I’ll ever use. And I’m a free player.


You won’t for long. I have half of what you have an I’m a free (sans Elite) player too. Simply looking at dust cost will show you how quickly that will dwindle.


I’m going to guess you haven’t fully enhanced very many mythic runes. That dust would not last very long.


To add a little perspective, it costs more (313k) to level a mythic ONCE from level 1 to level 2 than there is dust in the entire line (300k). And I don’t have to tell you the cost goes up from there. Going from level 4 to 5 costs 1.13 million. Glad I never went ahead with that thinking I’d be getting more dust.



Lines may cost the same number of sigils as last season, but they have fewer gold chests (I think about half as many) and dust was cut about a factor of 9. So costs the same, but you get less. (a little off topic… Sorry).

Dragon runes and glyphs–we should be able to move them as we can monument runes and glyphs. Also if PG doesn’t want to fix them, please take out all the broken runes and glyphs so we can at least get ones that work, even if they’re not the ones we want… Please.


I have actually. After 2+ years of playing, including st the launch of runes and glyphs, I have. Sadly, there are so few Mythics worth using. And almost no decent glyphs. When PG makes good, decent runes, I’ll use them. But I have a few things I can scrap, too, for a smidgen more dust.


We got more chests this season. 91 vs 87


Oh man. I didn’t know I needed me some perspective. What chests does that come in?


I guess for you it’ll be coming in runic chests.


Nah. I don’t use rubies on them. No thank you.


I would use rubies in the old silver chests. Before runes were around. Now those were the shot.


Not to take away from the importance of needing more dust, but what was in them? I was told before but I forgot.


Runic chests are dumb, overpriced and a waste of rubies.


Well topic is more about the use of rubies to remove runes from dragons like you can do with base runes


Old Silver chests… This I would like to know.

And yes, you are very right. So few runes worth enhancing or even using. Unfortunately, I played for almost two years under the delusion runes 1. Worked and 2. Did what you thought.

So yeah, much dust wasted in my early days. Oh well. I am far more selective now, but I still find getting sufficient dust to max out mythic can be difficult.

Just glad I can crush those mythic mystic striker and poison resist for dust. :smiley:

Silver lining, right?


Exactly snow. At present I have no rage runes or glyphs for any of my newer dragons and that handicaps me.


The old silver chests costs 2000 rubies for a 10 pack and has a guarantee of an epic drop at least. They were heavily rare, with some epic and if you were really lucky with a legendary. They were even better because it was during a time when drops were bigger. You got more energy packs in a drop, more IF, more egg tokens. Pg replaced them with the rune chests and never brought them back.


This is already something that has come up 100 times PG refuse to do so even top paying players have asked about it and it’s still a big fat NO