Rune removal for everyone - pls



Simply level some mythic runes to expert level for top dragons and all your precious rune dust is gone.


Yea I want the old silver chest back also I still haven’t received my11
flags won in event had em on 1day then snow came they vanished also paying
lots of money getting nowhere​:confounded::unamused::money_mouth_face::nauseated_face::persevere::thinking:


Start a new topic about silver chest then

This topic is more based on removal of runes using rubies


Because runes are so crappy in silver chests i think there should be a leveling system.

Before this i played an app called Jurassic World and you could hatch out dinosaurs and level them up to battle. The cool thing was that there was no luck in the game, just dedication. To get a level 40 T-rex you would need to hatch 8 T-rexs and level them up to level marks where you would then combine them to make a higher tiered Trex. I’ll draw it out: (numbers = tier/level)

1Tx 1Tx 1Tx 1Tx 1Tx 1Tx 1Tx 1Tx
+ + + +
2Tx 2Tx 2Tx 2Tx
+ +
3Tx 3Tx
4Tx(Max Level)

EDIT: so u can better see what i mean

With this idea in mind i wanted to see if it could be possible to make runes and glyphs follow this concept. The combination of (x) amount of common healing mark runes can make 1 Rare healing mark Rune. Then (x) amount of Rare runes combine into 1 Epic and (x) amount of Epics for 1 Legendary. I don’t think Mythics should follow this pattern as their boosts arent even worth the sacrifice of two legendary runes.


They can’t do that! :grimacing:

Then nobody would buy those extremely overpriced runic chests! :joy:


Or they’d just put all the really nice runes in the runic chests and leave the ones that don’t really affect any dragons after green tier in the silver ones lol. (Except for the occasional oddball dragon that has a lower tier spell.)


Yeah I love the idea of being able to remove runes! And I’m all for locking them for 24 hours or even resetting dust (that would suck) but not anymore then having legendary & Mythic runes on useless dragons!

The problem with having the good runes in runic chest is players wouldn’t have to buy near as many! I have opened idk between 6-10 and I have yet to get a single good rune! I seriously would get epic food production and runes like that! But money players desperate for good runes on new dragons will spend like crazy on those overpriced chests!

If they just had good to great runes in there one could buy 10-20 chests and take care of possibly multiple dragons so yeah I don’t see that happening…

That is why I don’t see any change coming and why they won’t take the shitty ones out of the runic chests either!

It helps the players but takes away pg profit and when have they ever done such a thing?

The only thing we could do was stock pile rage and Wisdom runes and glyphs off lines on dragons we didn’t even want!! But now we can’t even do that! :roll_eyes:


Sounds like a “shitty” game :joy::joy::joy::poop:


I’ve alrwady done that. I have lots left.


Make rune removal available for everyone. There are several models for this to work, a few being: Fairly high cost to remove a rune. Timer on removal, so repeated removal is prevented(Though from a moneygrab perspective i dont see the point, if its costly enough).

One of my issues is however not only the issue of “Rune removal”. It is very much also the equality for all players. Everyone should have the same options offered and that is not the case.

There are numerous examples of some getting runes removed as a one time deal. Some get ONE rune removed only. Some gets a straight up “No, thats not possible”, and other get the option to pick various runes from selfselected dragons, and MORE than once.

Rune removal by spending rubies, makes the option for said, equal to every player in WD. Thats one thing i’d like to see too.


Anyone have success getting PG to remove runes form obsolete drags?
I would like to hear your story​:pray::pray:


They removed 5 for me as a 1 time deal…
but still wanting the removal of runes from dragons even if it cost rubies like building runes do


Needs to work like towers…
not sure why they are so opposed to this considering we have 1B+ attack dragons now :unamused:


Why would they give us this option if people are willing to buy packs for the ruins just to turn them to dust they’re making money pg Will not give players what they want as long as they are making money


Yep. As I’ve said before every time a runic chest is purchased, whether the player hates themselves for it or not, adds to the category of “players in favor of the runic chests.” It’s also why they gave no glyphs on the season lines and gave a 3rd rune masked by the reasoning of trying to throw new players a bone.

Stop buying runic chests people :man_facepalming:


Seriously PG should look into,

  1. Introduces some useful runes, eg damage boost for x seconds, runes that correlate with newer dragons skills, terrets and flaks resistance etc.
  2. Meanwhile as said, currently most useful runes are rage or those with secondary skills as rage. The idea of salvageable runes for towers gave us the flexibility to change the layout of towers, why not the flexibility to change dragons schedules ( that’s when we are able to salvage useful mythic runes at reasonable cost)
  3. Runic chests sounds like candies but actually worse than bitter gourd. Had spent hard earned rubies once and that’s the last time I ever go for it. Unless it comes with more useful mythics and legendaries such as point above. Please change it to the special chests instead where we can get more consumables .


No stop buying packs This will hurt them more and they will be forced to give us what we need and want :kissing_smiling_eyes: they are simply selling same useless garbage in all of the chest if no one is buying it they Will have to make A better offer for people to buy it


I don’t buy packs, but good luck with that.


The turret resists are in there, and they are plentiful.


Reminder topic is about removing runes from dragons