Rune removal for everyone - pls



@PGCrisis can you get someone to look into making this happen?


So what is the lates update on this subject runes removal, has pg answered back with any ideas or solutions to this problem?


Lol. No.


WOW, very typical of them, lol I hope someone can reach out to a moderator or a pg employee and ask this question and see what happens


Lol. (10 pc. mcnugget)


@PGEggToken @Arelyna So…?


No response from pg, seems they still don’t want to listen to the players!!!


Just so everyone knows, you can get your runes removed from 1 dragon (1-time offer). Ask PG they did it for me👀


Some people get 5 removed from one dragon… some get lucky and get 5 total removed from any of their dragons. Luck of the draw on your support agent.


Would be nice to see a response…
still baffles me as to why this is an issue…
I mean they have dragons with 1 Billion+ ATK

Moving runes and glyphs shouldn’t be an issue.


Perhaps maybe you get 1 moved per season?


I actually don’t agree. It doesn’t make sense for PG to allow us to do this. PG needs us to want new runes otherwise once we get 5-6 rage and 5-6 Healing mark we are pretty well done needing runes. This is not a good thing.

However the problem with how it is set-up now is that only a few top spenders can guarantee themselves always having good runes. Is this a problem? I think so, but then it makes sense that to get the best runes you need to spend.

Personally i suggest a middle ground option which is to make 2 changes:

  1. We need a way to actually farm/buy runes that are useful. I opened 30 of those over priced runic chests and didn’t get a single rune I wanted. not even one!!! that is BS. If they are going to make a special rune chest they need to be worth it. What is currently in runic chests is what should be in normal silver chests.

  2. The #1 issue i have is with the complete lack of decent runes found in event prizes both personal and team rank. Those should be the places where truly good runes can be found. I will/have spent more during events that give a good rune as a prize. making those runes better will supply the general population with a slow but steady source of good runes (preventing everyone from having all the runes they need) while encouraging spending (the benefit to PG to do this).

Don’t get me wrong I would love the ability to remove runes from dragons, but i see no benefit to PG to allow this. So lets offer a solution that could potentially benefit them in a way that something may actually be done.

Another option i could see being beneficial is along Panda’s suggestion. Make it a seasonal prize to allow the removal of a rune from a dragon.


We should be able to craft runes from other runes in our inventory.


like being able to combine 10 Rare Rage glyphs for 1 Epic, or 15 Epics for a Legendary 30 Legendaries for mythic? That could be useful… @PGCrisis Can you get someone from PG to put in some input into this…


It would be so much easier for them to add the 1 extra screen to remove runes from dragons (like we can with towers) than come up with some new stuff that will be bugged straight out the gate.


Nice! My new fave 10 character response :rofl:


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