Rune searchable

Hi PG,
Can you make runes searchable?

I have so many runes on hand, and it’s hard to find a specific rune I want. It would be nice if I can type “rage” and search runes I want from all runes that contains word “rage” in its effect.


+1 to that! I am wishing about something like that since I start playing this game!

Might not be that hard to implement? Right?

Searching would be great, especially for runes with two effects. But it that’s a bit more tricky to implement at least let us sort them by name. That really can’t be hard to implement, seeing that the sort button is already there.


I think a simple interface would be a grid listing all possible runes on the left column, with additional columns for common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic.

A number in each cell representing available count, and a drop-down filter at the top to specify unequipped, equipped, either.

Basically like a pivot table.

Ironically, you ask for searchable runes ingame but actually forget to search for related topics about sorting runes and similar on the forum… :roll_eyes:🤷

Follow the link provided above (even if it’s almost “dead” you can still revive it with your new ideas) and please continue the conversation there. Thank you.

@ModMat @Psarus I’d suggest that we close this thread unless you consider the link provided is too old to be used. Thank you!


A thread has approx 30 days from the last post before it is closed. Best to keep all responses in the same areas as this was all the suggestions can be seen in the same place by PG.