Rune sub options

We know that every Epic or above runes have “main option” and “sub option”.

However, this yields some problem:

  • There’re too many runes or glyphs have same main option but different sub option.
  • It’s too hard to find right rune that have both good main and sub option.

So, I suggest “Rune option” feature. This will work like:

  1. Select Epic or above rune you want to add sub option. (This is “selected rune”)
  2. Select another rune to ‘sacrifice’. (This is “sacrificed rune”.)
  3. If you confirm, sacrificed rune will be lost and selected rune will have sub option of “main option of sacrificed rune”.

I thought about some restrictions this feature will have:

  • Both main and sub option cannot be same.
  • Event runes or glyphs (Dragon specifics) cannot be used for this.

Let’s say you select “Epic Rage” and sacrifice “Epic Archer resist”, then you will have “Epic Rage” with archer resist sub option.

How do you think about this?

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This seems fine so long as the two runes must be of the same tier


As long your dragon dont have the same resist or spell names, runes dont work anyway. Only the +8% Hunter Ap etc. The other one wont work.