Rune Transfer Request

Would it ever be possible to move runes/glyphs between dragons like you do on a base? I wont go over how broken/out of date they are…one battle at a time.


Especially since they have stopped giving us dust in season lines

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This is the BEST reason I have seen yet for PG to give us the ability to transfer/move runes on dragons (they’ve said no, countless times already FYI)

I wouldn’t be asking for it for free. There should be a ruby cost associated with it, just like the towers

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Of course, this is WarDragons after all. Almost nothing is free.

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked support for this and each time they say something like…” Hey hats a great idea… we will pas it on to dev team”

Personally I’d just be happy with a simply explanation from PG as to why they won’t do it

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If it costs rubies to do just like the base runes I don’t see why pg wouldn’t do this. They would make money on it. They can’t be making money with the garbage runic chests so here’s a way to make money on runes. Seems like an easy request.

The biggest reason they don’t and never will is because of runic chests. Runes that can be used on dragons are getting harder to come by and PG know that players need runes or we go back to the old ways of playing when you just had base stats on a dragon. Not allowing players to switch runes means they are forced to spend money or have dragons that will never be very strong. Runic chests will increase profits far more then runes exchange

I agree with you but unfortunately Runic chests are absolute junk and have been since the beginning. Pg tricked us into thinking they were going to change what was in them and a few people bought some I’m sure. But as of now I think runic chests arent making them money which is why they actually asked players how to make them better. Pg wouldn’t have asked the forums if pg was making money on them lol :joy:. I don’t even bother putting runes on dragons until the dragon is closed to expert. I’d experiment more with runes if I knew I could change them. Pg has made zero on me from runic chests in the last 6 months or so but they absolutely would’ve made money on me if I could switch runes.

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