Rune Transmogrifier


I am here to suggest a rune transmogrifier and as the name suggest its a system to change runes into other runes or changing a runes buffs. I did a quick search and didn’t find a topic related to this so thought I would post my thoughts.

There are two types of transmogrifying I am suggesting:

  1. Combining X number of lower tier runes into a higher tier rune.
    30 Common = 1 Rare
    20 Rare = 1 Epic
    10 Epic = 1 Legendary
    2-5 Legendary = 1 Mythic

  2. The ability to change (or “chisel” :wink: rune stats to new stats).
    Mythic Glyph of the Harvest (Fohmar’s Mythic Event Rune)
    Autumn’s Reap Duration +2.00s —> Random Stat
    Hunter Ammo Increase +1.00

I think having the ability to combine runes into higher grade runes would be quite beneficial more so than turning them into dust as the return is very small and not worth it in my opinion. (Especially since it doesn’t return dust spent on said runes).

As for the second part, I think with the ability to remove runes from dragons now, being able to “chisel” out old stats for different/new ones would be cool and a nice way to reuse those runes even more. And as I say “Chisel”, I do indeed mean use chisels to do this.

For both suggestions though, it would most likely require stats to have a quality tier system. Meaning, stats would need to be categorized, something like:
Primary Skills: Dragon Attack, HP, Rage, Ammo
Secondary Skills: Spell Specific (Bloodfury Duration +2.00s)
Tertiary Skills: Experience Gain

With something like this developed, you could put chance based stats for when combining runes into 1 rune. Such as:
Primary Skills: 20% Chance
Secondary Skills: 40% Chance
Tertiary Skills: 40% Chance

Obviously this would need to be balanced but this is just a proof of concept.
Hope this makes sense.
What do ya’ll think?



I am so down for this!! A few teammates and I were just talking about this not to long ago

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First off I like the general idea number 1.
I would even suggest to let us put glyph or runes to any of the 5 slots its really limited and that is a much easier thing to change in the game

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This would be a very helpful feature.:+1:

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i like the idea behind this, but i’d want this only for the generic runes/glyphs.


What’s with the weird name tho.

Good idea. But i dont think PG will implement it. Since they are actually selling those mythic exotic Runes…

They’re not directly selling them as they’re completely achieve-able free to play. I spend no money on the game and get the mythics and exotic runes no problem.

However, this would put a good use to pre-existing runes that are unlikely to be used again.

Its a name from a different game for basically the same concept.

Got to say that I like the concept. It may still be raw but has a tonne of potential and does not limit any person’s decisions from what they currently do. Specifically, some may choose to use their lower level runes to salvage for dust but others may choose to upgrade to higher tier runes.

Looked at the rune dust required to salvage runes to check if rune dust farming could be done here and got:

Common to Rare - 7-8
Rare to Epic - 8-9
Epic to Legendary - 7-8
Legendary to Mythic - 8
Mythic to Exotic - 4

Your amounts above are very generous and would actually decrease your rune dust potential so maybe could lower the thresholds a bit to balance it :slight_smile:

I think it is worth tagging @PGGalileo and seeing if it is a concept the devs are willing to buy into!

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Appreciate it! It’s something that I’ve thought would definitely allow players to maximize their dragons and even base runes more! I hate seeing some runes go to waste like a lot of legendary runes that I have that I know I am unlikely to use.

I don’t personally see this as something that is broken either especially if the “rerolled” or “chiseled” stat is replaced with another stat of that category/tier.

I would suggest exotics should be unattainable at least for now, with only 3 available, allowing more through combining would ruin their rarity.


Yup, limitations were left open for them to decide. I mostly wanted the chiseling of stats out, because it feels like a waste for a lot of the mythic runes you get for some dragons and when those dragons become obesolete…

Note : I’ll start with this because apparently there are some people that don’t even finish reading and they start replying so I say it at the beginning : it’s just my own opinion because I know there are some people that might disagree

I guess this idea is very good because it benefits both pg and player base :

  • most people at end game have multiple dragon that they want to rune but they don’t have enough good runes to put them on their dragons, the only way is to have a lot of chisels and it’s impossible to buy them so it’s very limited so it will benefit the player base

  • bases are very good nowadays and have very good runes, so at least dragons need the same to be balanced and it creates income to pg since people would consider money on silvers.

  • most of big spenders won’t spend all their money on silver chests to get multiple runes for multiple because it’s too expensive, but if you give them the chance of merging runes they might change their mind and start spend money for silver chests : 35K rubies for a $100 pack so 175 runes and rune dust from chests so at the end so at the end you get like 1-2 more decent runes from buying a pack, if this satisfies a player he would talk about it and some people would be interested in doing the same and this will create income too.

I guess it’s a very good idea, and this numbers I guess are correct and balanced to benefit both pg and player base.

We are looking forward to hear your opinion about it to see your analysis @PGGalileo ! And thank you for taking the time to read it.


Seems worth exploring! I’ll take the idea back to the team!


Appreciate the response! Obviously not something to implemented tomorrow but as @Burger mentioned it really would benefit both PG and players.

It really would make rune pack purchasing with rubies and/or money more enticing.
I left all the limitations open-ended for ya’ll to determine what is limited, Like I said this was more just a proof of concept post.

Hope to hear some good news though! :slight_smile:

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