Rune you must get

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Must get this rune especially if you’re a fan of hunters

Correction, not everyone only hunter fans and people who would love flying hunters every once in awhile, it’s restricted too only hunter dragons

It’s a shame it’s restricted. Even if the ammo wouldnt work on her I’d like to have another mythic rage to put on Naja. Hopefully we see another hunter like Mordred that isnt excessively difficult to fly


The secondary is for hunters that is a rage rune for all dragons

It’s a restricted type fir hunter only


Wow you really opened up a thread for this :roll_eyes::rofl:


Nope, the whole thing is type restricted to hunters only. Otherwise it would be on my Naja

It’s rather dumb though for it to be restricted since the legendary version we got a few weeks ago wasnt


Bl0odwiser you could have made the thread after buying and checking it :joy:


I have the damn thing too, why are you False Advertising Blood?

I didn’t get it

Yet but still I apologise if I lead people astray but still get it people

I think it pays more to stock silver chests and spend them when there is a mythic ammo rune, you get +2 ammo instead

Don’t the rune sound a bit discriminate towards the other dragons

You can’t 2 mythic ammos togther tho. This has more rage as well compared to a legendary ammo

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Well you technically can there is an ammo rune in runic chest has increased xp instead of rage so it can stack together

Last time we had runic chests, it only had base runes

Well PG loves their hunters now, it is what it is

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I didn’t like hunters at first until prospero he what made me like hunters as well as axi and sakura

You can’t put 2 identical runes/glyphs on the same dragon, we all know that.

My point is that, for me, the rune sold at 1200 sigils is not worth compared to the “free” you get from silver chest. Nothing else.


For me, it was worth it

I got it anyways calavor needs all the rage it can get % matters