RUNES and Dragon Feedback

Might there be a way to have the Dragon Herself give you feedback as to which runes will do what at what level? As it is now, you can stick anything on the dragon and not really know how and if it’s working.

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At the very least the riders who have bonded with a dragon should be able to give you some intelligence as to dragon rune enhancement.

If it’s ability related rune, simply compare its name. If both spell names are equal, and it’s not white variant (e.g. Thunderstorm), it will work.

Like Orca said, there was a day when runes for spells in the same “family” of another spell (earthquake and freeze, for example) would work, but since the great rune debacle back when Tarand’s white explosive shield was nerfed (yes there once was a warrior that some felt was too OP :scream: ) you have to use a rune with the same name for either the primary or secondary boost in order to see any benefit. Exception being things like wisdom, rage, HP, etc…

I like this idea. But seriously, there are just too many runes. Recently, we were given Invincibility Glyfs as event prizes. Yippee. They can only be used if your dragon has the Invincibility Shield. Soooo, no. Useless!

Certainly event prizes should only be universal runes… Rage, Wisdom.

How about Increase Resistance? I think almost every other PvP RPG on the web restricts their enhancements to Strength, Intelligence, Defence, and Resistance (got a feeling I missed one)

The new dragon Kiren, has War Cry. Why can’t we use a Battle Cry Rune? Nope.

Then there are the half dozen forms of recovery, Rejuvenate is the crux, why can’t it be used to effect ALL life spells?

Gone a bit off topic, but the point is that getting the right Rune for the right dragon is a bit like a lucky dip. Simplify and inform. Or just don’t allow the wrong Rune to be equipped. Easy!


Resistance runes are useless. If you don’t have the resist (like ice resist), it won’t work. If you do have a resist, which blocks 70% of advertised tower damage, the resist rune or glyph only adds a pittance of extra resist, bringing your total resist of that tower to 72%-78%.
You were already going to use that tower to slow you down or gain rage anyways, the extra resist is hardly noticeable on top of that, and the rune or glyph slot would be better filled by a rage, health, damage or spell enhancing rune. Please don’t ask for resist runes :see_no_evil:


any idea if the add on lightning resist blocks 70%? I put it on Gorg for Andyk and those towers still light me up pretty good.

Yes. Still, 30% of a large number might still be a large number compared to your dragon’s health

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