Runes and Glyphs for Mythic Dragons in the new season

The new season is going to be here soon and I have a question I think can be a great update and would be well loved by the player community if PG can look into making it happen

We all work really hard to not only get our seasonal dragons but also to Ascend them to mythic status nowadays . To add to this , now we require extra planning and resources used to claim the exotic runes and glyphs for the Mythic dragons .

A majority of the player base has very few Warrior and Sorcerer Attack runes and glyphs in our rune vaults .

Can PG introduce an optional rune / glyph prize node where players , when at Legendary / Mythic / Exotic Rune + Glyph spots , get to choose between runes and glyphs with multiple secondary spell options like HP / Attack / Rage ? This way we get to choose what we want on our dragons and the player base is very happy as well . :smile:


I think this is a very good idea and gives the players more flexibility in their choices.

And maybe this belongs in another thread but the silver chest content needs a serious upgrade and clean up. So much new content and no changes has been made for ages.


I also think this is a excellent idea! Everyone has their favorite type of dragons we prefer to fly and having the flexibility to choose attack over HP or even say choose what dragon type would be HUGE.

Great idea, need to have some flexibility in these lines.

Yes please, especially for warriors. Every warrior we’ve gotten as of late has been attack and/or rage focused yet for some reason we keep getting nothing but warrior hp runes/glyphs for every single one. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years now and I have a grand total of 2 8% warrior attack glyphs. Warriors no longer play the tank role yet for some reason their runes and glyphs never got updated.

So yes please, we should have options on what build style we want to go with. I know I sure as hell would have liked to have gotten attack or rage runes for Krygant instead of HP.

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Wonderful idea!!

@PGCarlos can you please tell us who is the right one to address this suggestion?

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@DragonPunch is this something PG can consider ? It would be a simple but great addition for the player base

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I know this but I looked through it and can’t figure out who would be the right one in this case really. If you are sure then make a suggestion I will try this one.

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I mentioned this before to let players choose on runes/glyphs. Im in my 7th year and have a total of 3 8% ap warrior glyphs. However i have 30+ hunter ap one. Give us the option to choose between hp and ap.


That’s a very valid point . I have played 4-5 years and I have only 1 8% Attack Glyph . And I have > 10 8% HP Glyphs . We clearly need more choices .


I totally agree and the silver chest needs better options and a serious upgrade.


Absolutely. To me silvers are now worthless since I have multiple of everything in them so my chests just pile up and are useless.
It would be really nice to see more options, more variation in the chests. Like every pvp should have different content. Gauntlet could have mythic pylon and mage runes, Temple Raid could have tower glyphs, throw some warrior and sorcerer attack glyphs in there somewhere.
Offer something new like sorcerer attack speed + hp or attack.

Silvers are just boring and outdated and a waste of a chest drop for a lot of people. Offer more variety


This is an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing with the community. :relaxed: