Runes and glyphs merger

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Do not know if this has been posted, perhaps it has, but can we plz have the possibility to get a rune merge like the tower merger and also for the glyp.

If only I could merge my rune to get a higher lvl run up to legendary t mytich I would be happy

Was thinking that if I could get at dark flak rune by merging others runes to get a better one or one I need, instead of like the common archers rune to merge it to a different rune and same with the glyphs

The best way to address runes and glyphs is to provide flexibility in the rune or glyph selection. Instead of only providing 1 singular choice, provide 3 like pg does with many branch prizes.

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That could be true but like 1700 runes that i do not use since I have enough rune dust, so though it could be a posibility

I have 4300 undusted runes and deadly reign is spot on the issue lies in prize claim flexibility across the game in all aspects of prize claiming. :sunglasses::facepunch:

We don’t need conversion or reduction we need flexibility!

Conversion only complicates things and reduction only creates long term imbalance!
Flexibility is what will promote balance moving forward and I for one like having access to dust-able runes as it allows me to stack rune dust for coming divines!

Conversion will only make good runes in prizing even less common because Pg will have even less control of the rune availability and they will have to limit what is given in prizing :man_facepalming:this suggestion will only lead to a massive rune dust shortage and for some players rune dust is already in short supply! :-1:

The conversion should not make the glyph and runes more rare up to legendary or mytich and still able to male them to rune dust

male them.


can’t we female them too?

-not a feminist here, btw. just trolling.


TOS does not approve


oh, it’s fine. there’s a reason i’m using an alt account to troll. :joy: -besides, i’m still not banned through all my trollings, so… i guess i haven’t crossed that line just yet.

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Let us see what will happens if anything, but think that the glyphs and runes hording could be different with some changes