Runes and Glyphs Need a Change!

We all know the frustration of finally maxing an event or getting the glyph we aimed for and realizing how bad it is… Rejuvinate… Explosive shield… Healing Striker… bangs head on desk Really? I would expect these to come from silver chest drops not world ranking prizes!!! Events should give rage runes and silver chests should give everything else. I could care less about silver as i have only ever gotten two useful runes out of them for as long as i have been out. Now, in personal progression prizes I can’t even expect better! You should be rewarded for you efforts within events. Every glyph given in events is just more dust for me… They are never useful anymore! Make every glyph in event prizes a rage rune with a secondary relevant to either the highest tier of dragons’ spells or the spells of the season’s dragons. This needs to be changed now PG!

Also… The runes and glyphs in the prize lines of event dragons should boost that dragon with both of its functions. It’s unfair that some lines have legendary and mythic that have two relevant boosts to their intended dragon and other lines only boost one stat. If you don’t intend to change the secondary skills of these glyphs and runes then give half the sigils back as the players paid full price for something that only half works. How would you like to buy a pair of shoes and then open the box to only one shoe??? I guess the lucky guy should get both while others can have a wet sock… Analogies aside, players need to get the prizes they pay/work for.


Linking relevant threads as they appear.

I can’t help but think (and this is not personal @XxTrueOnexX) that those claims of getting sigils refund or half sigils back are getting quite common. It’s really rare that PG offers these kinds of favours, don’t expect them any time things don’t go the way you planned.

As I stated in the link you provided, runes don’t half work, they just don’t perfectly match your Dragon. Simply because those runes you want so hard don’t exist, and are not that easy to code (ie Explosive Shield runes that didn’t work for white explosive shield spell, now Lethal Barrier spells).

We hope to get new runes one day, but PG has probably dozens of more profitable implementations to work on, so maybe in a year? If we are lucky… I have been hoarding silvers for months now…

I like that you can see through PG’s intentions but i wish you’d be more optimistic. They are a company afterall and we are the customers. They thrive on feedback and that is what i intend to give them. I know orhers will agree with me and hopefully comment too. The more well known the topic the better a chance PG will change it for the better… within reason of course. Maybe they might even comment their thoughts here as i know they see most, if not all, the threads here on forums.

I am glad you replied because I have been thinking about your idea of getting sigils refund, and I actually disagree with that as well, because it would be unfair for those who claimed dragons and runes in previous seasons, they can’t get refunded in sigils unlike the ongoing Nightmare season.
Skarr can only be equipped with Storm resist runes (+rage and wisdom), and even a year ago it was already lame. Players certainly argued a lot for changes, but since the runes were not bugged there were never changed. Only times when PG did something was when runes were not working, and it took weeks just to fix one or two spells on runes…
I am not really being pessimistic, I learned to have realistic expectations from a game so large that even a huge team of developers could not do half of what you would like to see in the game. I have been waiting for months, hoarding silver chests, hardly opening them… But PG is releasing super chests with exclusive runes you buy with rubies, not your chests. Though the wording can be disputed, “exclusive” can mean that they will be available in silver chests later.

We had an improvement in silver chests months ago when they removed common runes and added rune dust drops (which I don’t like). We are waiting for PG next move. Hopefully we won’t wait as long as I fear…

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I would like an improvement to the rune system as well. I think having a ‘rune/glyph’ store would not be a bad idea. But I really hope to see additional runes for all the new spells that have been added. At this point most of us are only looking for Rage and/or Wisdom runes. As there aren’t any runes to support the more ‘unique’ spells. Like Enfeeble, or Seething Spark, or Desiccating Sand, etc etc. So we’re FORCED to use Rage or wisdom runes because there is nothing else.

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I have seen a similar topic in the old forum addressing the runes that are given in events. PG employee said “Rejuvenate… Explosive shield… Healing Striker” runes are the most wanted runes and people complaining about these issues are a small part of player database.

So, players from lvl 1 to players using green legendaries need these runes. I accept it. For current event, feeding, there is an epic Rejuvenate glyph at 450k points which is normal. This can be reached by a low level player. On the other hand, you can get a legendary Rejuvenate glyph in feeding event by scoring 2.5m points currently. How is this helpful to a high level player?Only high level players reach that kind of score, dont they?

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Most wanted runes, such a great joke lol, all we need is rage and wisdom :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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What about evasion runes. It seems that’s all I ever get so they must be useful, right?


Best rune in game hands down… :))))

I see silver chests as only more dust. I have gotten a legendary healing mark once and a legendary ammo(doesn’t work but i will be ignorant of that). Other than that rare rage runes are good for open random slots. Everything else is made into dust. I wish the bonus drops would only drop legendary and mythics, i am so unbelievably tired of seeing blue…

I would like to add an idea of progression to this thread so ill link my progression ideas here Scaling Propositions 2.0 Regarding the problems with how irrelevant runes drop for high level players I’d like the ideas of others to be added to my own on how to make silver chests something to value again.

As players grow in level they get newer tiers of dragons. Most of these dragons obviously dont have spells that are currently boostable with runes/glyphs. There should be an option to limit what your drops can be. Im not saying you can limit drops to the point of always getting a legendary rage every drop but i think allowing players to have a better chance at getting needed and USABLE runes would be beneficial to both PG and the playerbase. With a higher guarentee of wanted drops players are more likely to spend to open silver chests, and players have a better chance at actually getting something they want. This could be in the setting where you can sort through the list of runes and pick the 10 types you need out of the X amount that is out there. You wouldn’t be able to select more than 10 types nor could you select less than 10 types. This would not count the possible secondary effects epic, legendary and mythic runes can possibly have and this makes the possiblity for a completely useful rune (both boosts apply to dragon) out of the reach of players, keeping the chance aspect of silver chests alive.

A different way to fix this problem would be to have the silver chests only drop specific types of runes every week. It would be on a cycle, and would look like:

Week 1: (Attack related runes)

  • Rage
  • Wisdom
  • Fireball
  • Battle Cry
  • Chaos
  • Double Blast(damages towers)
  • Freeze
  • Havok
  • Healing Mark(could go either way - i think it’s an attack because it’s casted from the dragon)
  • Ice Shock

Week 2: (Defense related runes)

  • Rage(should always be available)
  • Wisdom (^^^)
  • Explosive Shield
  • Cloak
  • Evasion
  • Rejuvinate
  • Tough Healing
  • Wind Wall
  • Reverse Projectiles
  • Invert
  • Elemental Barrier

Week 3: (Resist related)

  • Archer Resist
  • Poison Resist
  • Cannon Resist
  • Lightning Resist
  • Storm Resist
  • Trebuchet Resist
  • Fire Turret Resist
  • Ice Turret Resist
  • Dark Flak Turret Resist

Week 4: (Event Dragon Related Runes)

  • This list not needed as the idea is clear. The available runes would be able to boost the dragons’ abilities of that season. As the dragons are added (third line release, and whatever other dragons they push out for $) the possible runes drops would grow. This would also push PG to make event dragons with different spellset than usual as there have been lots if earthquake runes/glyphs available recently…:eyes:

Regarding the Glyphs available in event prizing:
The prizes should be USEFUL for players that spend enough time and money to get them. This mostly pertains to the individuals who get the legendary runes in personal progression or even the legendary and Mythic Glyphs in world rankings. The general idea would be to make these available Glyphs useful for the CURRENT top tier of dragons and/or the event dragons of that specific season. No one wants to spend thousands on a legendary healing striker glyph that they could easily find by opening some silver chests… Make this a priority.

EDIT: I just realized I have forgotten defense tower runes and glyphs! Either way this should split into two different weeks adding all weeks up to a total of 6 different lists.

Plz comment you ideas to my thread for progression ideas as well as here!

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They need to give better glyphs/runes as event prizes! Something good, not common or rare for top 5 teams!!

If you have 6 different lists or more if you find others, why not make it daily change instead of weekly? Monday would be attack, Tuesday defence… And Sunday could drop all kinds of runes (quite like right now) if you just want variety…

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For the low low price of 8k rubies, you can have your choice of 10 legendary healing striker and legendary treb striker runes in this weeks Runic Chests (which randomly reappeared and seem to reappear whenever there is a rune discussion trending on the forums…)



Runes and glyphs are 90% garbage and if you do get a decent rune pg just makes it so it no longer works on your dragon. I don’t even bother opening silver chests anymore.

Thats the problem.

I totally understand that Rejuv and perhaps Explosion shield are important for a lot of players, namely players just starting off because of Dragon progression. However, lower level players are going to have a hard time getting as far into an event as lets say a level 100, unless they spend a ton of $$$.

Wouldn’t be a safe to lets say provide the ‘lower level’ glyphs maybe in the beginning 10 event rewards, than actually have something worthwhile to +100lvl players higher up in the event rewards?

What PG needs to do is put in all those runes for the new spells/resists in normal chests. Limiting access to them by making them so expensive doesn’t make sense. We already as so behind on runes and the only way to get some runes is in the season tab and in these overpriced chests. I am tired of putting on rage and resist runes on every single dragon I get becuase we don’t have runes for almost any of the new spells.

Just make it so we can get new runes in silver chests and keep these the way they are. Pay to play players will continue to buy them to get mythics and legendaries, and everyone else will finally not be so reliant on rage runes.

OR/AND you can put in good glyphs in prizes every event instead of just healing striker and rejuvenate over and over again. Mostly referring to rage here. At one point a dev said they couldn’t put in runes that were for higher tier spells in prizes since newer players can’t use it…well higher levels who most likely will be getting the epic/legendary can’t use healing striker runes/rejuvenate either. If this is still a problem, put in rage and wisdom. Plain and simple.


I agree with this. My farm island is full of legendary healing strikers for farms and mills and I don’t bother getting them anymore in event. I need rage runes so badly and I can’t never have enough of them for my hunters
Or if you don’t want to change the prize in event for high level players, at least let them exchange the rune with support? Either way, we all spend (time or money) to achieve that reward. Why not trying to make it worth while for everyone?

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I hate healing striker runes because it’s unlikely my base will ever have enough supershots for farms, as for now at least. But I wouldn’t mind something higher than rare lumber/food production I got in silver chests before I stopped opening them months ago. Are epic and legendary production runes locked? I want new runes available for Dragons too, something I can use on Skarr because he still matters for me, or Sage that got unfairly nerfed… And dozens of good Dragons that are forgotten in runes…

Please PG, we need more runes available!