RUNES and GLYPHS removal

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The question is simple; when will we have the chance to remove the Runes and Glyphs from the dragons ??
For years the community has been asking for this small implementation that certainly would not change any balancing.
We can do it with the Runes and Glyphs for the Base, I do not see why it is not possible for dragons :confused:
The game is constantly changing, but our options remain as they are years ago.
I hope I have explained myself and I would really like an answer.
Thanks bye :slight_smile:


How I have missed this topic…

“It’s not on our roadmap”. I hope you’ll get this answer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The reason why is simple: $$$

I put a proposal back a long time ago that runes should only be able to be shifted to a dragon that is 3+ tiers higher. This would allow them to continue their profit without punishing the active as badly.


Pretty simple to answer, if you could keep reusing the same runes/glyphs over and over then people wouldn’t waste their rubies on garbage silver & runic chests nor would people need to push as hard in events to get good glyphs

My suggestion would be to allow each dragon rune/glyph to be transfered a max of 3-5 times at the cost of rubies and then they become permanent. You could recover runes from old dragons that may have been wasted by not knowing better or allow you to test out certain runes on dragons amd see how it is (example all the people who first loaded Pathox up with rage runes) but would limit being able to take advantage of it continuously

well, If the problem are rubies, it would be enough to triple (or even more) the cost necessary to remove a single Rune//Glyph.
For example:
Mythic Rune/Glyph = 1500 rubies to 3500 rubies
Legendary = 600 rubies to 1800 rubies


There’s no runic chests anymore… but i agree they are altogether rubbish :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The whales would stop buying or pushing for runes or glyphs if that was the case. A limitation that they cannot buy (limited changes, has to go on a dragon 3 tiers higher, etc) plus a cost is the only way for them to preserve a semblance of balance financially.

Why am I being a negative Nancy? Because I feel if we don’t propose actual balanced ideas, we will never see them OR they will come back to bite is on the ass. Hard.


I’m sorry, but I don’t want this idea to get thrown out Bc “oh we suggested it before” or “oh it’ll cause an imbalance”


  1. Status quo is unfair: rune removal is currently unfair right now bc select people get to have their tunes removed/transferred by support multiple times, while others are SOL and don’t get that option. Make a functionality to remove runes, whether it be at a rubie cost, each rune having removal “lives” and when those lives are up, they can’t be removed anymore, or another option where everyone has the same opportunity to have runes removed is highly desirable vs the random “get a good support person” we have now.

  2. “rune removal will cause an imbalance”: bullocks. That may have been the case before gear, but when we can transfer 100/100 attack hp instantly to a dragon for 60 rubies, a fricken rage rune isn’t going to even be recorded on the spectrum.

  1. Uniformity/consistency: we can remove runes off of bases, armor and riders off of riders and dragons, respectively, but for some outdated reason, not runes off of dragon’s. If Pg wants money from runes, they could actually put working and good runes in chests.

Im just confused about why we can remove glyphs and runes from towers and not dragons.

I struggle to believe that the current situation with runes is the result of anyone’s deliberate design, since it’s incoherent and terrible. The changes in the last year have been less than competent:

  1. Rune dust was all but removed from the game for nine months because the amount in seasonal lines was decreased to less than what was required to expert a single mythic rune.

  2. Runic chests gave terrible value for a long time and then were removed entirely, likely because no one except the whaleiest of whales was buying them.

  3. Non-dragon-specific runes removed from seasonal lines; secondary effects removed from seasonal legendary runes. All ways of earning good stuff: blocked.

  4. The only current source of runes gives us ballista runes, storm supershot attack boosting runes, arcane and mystic striker runes. If you want a legendary rage rune, you have to open an average 798 silver chests, 1596 for a mythic. So, 160000/320000 rubies.

  5. Mythic attack runes offering +5% damage at expert level introduced around the same time as the Atlas gear buff came along and pumped a single piece of gear’s buff to 35%.


Yes , like +20% Hp or atk rune. EZ money, why they haven’t thought of that. LEL.

No, like getting rid of arcane/mystic striker, storm striker, and ballista runes.

Also I don’t think hp and attack runes should be stronger than legendary gear. Even a buff for the attack runes like:
Mythic attack: 5%->8% at expert
Legendary: 3% currently -> 5%
Would be a nice difference without upsetting the balance of the game.


Agreed, it makes no sense to me at all that a mythic rune that is supposed to specialize in say Hunter Attack gives a lower boost of only 5% maxed than the secondary ability of some random seasonal glyphs that give 8%. For the added rune dust cost there is really no reason to have these runes compared to just the legendary version which is only 2% lower

it has been way TOO LONG for pg to not have removed such useless runes from chests… even some other useless things also like some monument drops, i do not want to go off topic. but yea… but for those changes to come like the removal of useless runes like u mentioned, it will take another year or more.

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It is definitely ridiculous that they haven’t removed the runes that literally do nothing. And they have been aware of this for years. :man_shrugging: Still thinking we want our storm tower super shot damage to be boosted and what not

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Having a ruby cost to move them makes the most sense!
3500 for a mythic
2800 for legendary
2000 for epic (because even some of them are useful)

The amount of spending on people moving runes would more than cover what they make from people refusing to open those worthless chests!


Why not just make it the same cost as building runes/glyphs?

Towers only need reused if you rearrange your base or upgrading that rune.
But better mythics, seasonal divines & lineage dragons come out all the time.
People spend rubies on runic chests for dragon runes not baSe runes so the profit is in dragon runes.
If you could reuse the same 10-20 runes at some point there would be no need to get the runic chests or glyphs events.

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It may make the most sense but they will never do that.
What Red & someone else above suggested would the only thing that made sense for us & pg.
Can be removed to a dragon3+ tiers is a great idea or also giving runes a life like a mythic can be removed 2-3 times before permanent, legendary 1-2 and epics once.
Or vice verse mythics once, legendary twice and epic 3 times…And there could still be a ruby fee
Neither of these would kill the profit from runes and both would help the players.
Neither of these ideas kill the profit for runes & both would help the players

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I personally like the rune life idea. I’ve got a few mythic runes and glyphs on an emerald hunter that would benefit more on a seasonal hunter that I’ve got a vanguard stone for. Said emerald hunter won’t be evolving into obsidian and is obsoleted thanks to that ice flak that negates all white spells. So much for Elemental Barrier huh?