RUNES and GLYPHS removal



I would love to be able to remove runes/glyphs from dragons. Have it cost rubies. Would be much better than the “one time courtesy” we can remove 5 runes. Meanwhile I’ve had team mates that have had way more than 5 removed in the past year. It doesn’t seem fair that some people just get told no. Some people are capped at 5 and others seemingly have them removed at will…


Wait? You had multiple ones done?

What happened to a one time thing?
And why is that even a thing? :unamused:

With gear being swapable so easily not sure why this Rune / Glyph “thing” is even an issue!


You got to be kidding!

I totally support the support this time. No more treats for you!


They’re not great on thinking outside the box.

They could just have an option to remove a rune/glyph from a dragon for actual money, rather than rubies, say £4.99 (Or £9.99) - the price doesn’t matter. If people want to do this on an ongoing basis it would cost that amount every time they want to do it.

This way PG monetises the removal of runes and people have the option to move their runes. It just becomes a question of cost and if people REALLY want to move those runes/glyphs, they’ll pay.


You missed my point. Yes I have had 5 runes removed in the 2+ years I have played. But why 5? Others can’t get any and yet others have had 10-15+ removed. However 5 runes going from Red tier to about to breed Empyrean is a little on the stingy side?


Another possibility to place further limits on rune removal might be that when a rune is removed, it reverts to level 1. This would help stimulate runic/silver chest sales a bit AND give us a viable use for all the crappy runes; though for many, dust is scarce enough already.


No one minds there being a cost…
we just want it to happen!

It’s would be nice to get some feedback on this from PG.


Tower runes can be removed with rubys, so why not do same with dragons?:eyes:


I’ve been asking myself the same question. Can’t $eem to come up with any rea$on$ for this di$crepancy. Though I’ve never heard of anyone buying rune chests trying for a certain monument rune.


Just put back general runes in the seasonal lines. used to be you could get legendary or even mythic rage in the seasonal lines that could be used on any dragon. now you get spcialized runes that i just turn into rune dust for the most part


and the runic chests are a joke. i really like legendary poison striker and epic weakening. bollocks.


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For me… this should be the NUMBER 1 issue to help with player happiness… good glyphs are impossible to come by… ( I open tunic chests and max out all events)… and they are simply not available period.

It’s ridiculous that we can’t shift runes and glyphs from a retired and obsolete dragon to a new current one. This doesn’t just help the “whales” but anyone who’s bred a new dragon and wants to pay to have a rune moved from an old dragon to a new one.

PG would make a ton of money from this as so many runes and glyphs need to be transferred every time new seasonal or tiers come out. They’d make a lot more money than hoping people buy runic chests. And if a good glyph or rune was available in an event, I’d still make sure I got it… the more I have the better…


I think I made a been mistake after reading this. I received a legendary mythic striker rune and turned into 400k rune dust. I did this to insure the runes I know I have use for are all expert level. I get plenty of runes, and found good use in all but one.


This is not a mistake as

  1. Legendary Mystic Striker (Am I right that this is the one you meant?) is available during Silver Chest.
  2. Legendary Mystic Striker is useless for now.


I agree. When getting an new dragon it is difficult to place runes and glyphs because you don’t 100 percent know how it is going to effect how the dragon flys in game. Every player has a different style of flying and with out a removal system it’s a shot in the dark to know if you made the right rune placement for you. In order to maximize the enjoyment of a dragon being able to test different runes would make them a lot more fun to fly and easier to tune to said flying style.


It seems PGs idea idea of player happiness is giving us a few rubies for daily login.

This isn’t something we’ve been asking for… forever. Heck most of us players have been asking for this for longer than some of you have been employees of PG. :unamused:


Well I don’t feel so badly about it now. I got boucoup rune dust now…all I need to do is figure out how to get what I need to level up my main drsgon, Ember. I’m stuck at level 6 with thousands and thousands XP


This part is off-topic:

About Ember:

You can buy the evolution stone in store, but I don’t say you should. That dragon is perfect the way it is for the rest of your life.


  • Divines come with their own sets.
  • Lineage dragons usually don’t require more than a little rage or xp boost, especially since they don’t spend too much time in the roster anyway.
  • The really valuable runes are as scarce as a white raven,

so in the end this feature would be rarely used for its intended purpose. More times to remove “accidental” placements. :joy: On the other hand, it would be great as support won’t have to do any more “one time only” removals.

To be frank, I have no problem at all: I have no White Raven Runes, but more than enough of mediocre-crappy ones to not want them to be re-used.

  • Seasonal dragons come with tops two useful runes… and depending on play style, sometimes only the mythic is worth it.
  • lineage dragons certainly require a lot more than that. I really find it troubling that you believe a little rage and XP is all that’s needed.
  • the really valuable runes like you said are very scarce. So why shouldn’t players be allowed to pay and keep using them on new dragons instead of retiring them with old obsolete dragons? I fail to understand your argument there.