RUNES and GLYPHS removal



Some people would just have the “perfect” set of runes they would rotate constantly on their dragons. I think middle ground is needed, personally. I’ve said previously:


I’m ok with that… as long as we have a mechanism that allows us to at least reuse runes a few times… the cost can increase after a certain number of swaps, or the runes can get reset to level 1, or they can get locked to that dragon ( after x number of swaps).

My whole point is… PG has to give us some sort of a mechanism (limited or not) to be able to swap around dragon runes. Either that or make the runes and glyphs more readily available in event prizes or chests… :man_shrugging:t3:

Or finally… if they won’t give us any of the above… let use fuse together x number of useless runes to create a rune of our choice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This makes no sense…
some people have a perfect set of riders with full gear they can pay rubies to swap out constantly.
I’ve done this almost every new ice or fire dragons because I have “perfect sets of gear” so I just swap the gear to new riders or dragons.

Same with my base I have mythic runes I pay to swap.

The runes and Glyphs on dragons should be no different.


They don’t make money off of rider gear. They make money off runic chests and people pushing in events to get specific runes. Hence why I said a middle ground.


They make money every time I pay rubies to swap them over and over again… sure people can grind rubies in events… however, it’s easier to buy a pack and swap things if need be.

Even if they charge 500-1000 rubies per swap they can monetize it to a point grinders couldn’t do it for “free”

Legendary-1000 rubies to swap
Mythic -5000 rubies to swap

Whatever :man_shrugging:t3: Just Give the Option!


You realize I’m not disagreeing that it should be possible right?


It’s really hard to tell the way you respond.


Where in this are you confused? I am looking for ways for us, as a community, to have this without:

  • taking profit away from PG as badly (which stops them from doing things)
  • punishing free players (by jacking up ruby costs)


Bring back old divine runes?


They make a ton of money in gear… maxing our atlas seasons to get all the gear and leveling mythic gear to level 10 certainly isn’t cheap :man_shrugging:t3:

But I’m not arguing with you… I just want PG to respond that something is in the works… or tough @&$! We will never do it…


I suppose more of what I meant is the predictability and grindability of gear vs the randomness and sheer cost of runic chests.


I agree… but you know that runes drops in chests aren’t random right… you can pretty much know what each pull should get you (once you know where you are)… but it’ll often cost you a new car to get the rune you want :joy::joy:


Not only that by reseting runes to level 1 upon removal you still need the dust to level them which may actually increase their profits as runic chests are one of the best places to acquire it between dust drops and salvageing useless runes.

I honestly think it would be a win win


I understand that PG needs to make money, I understand players want options and to test different runes out on their dragons. I also understand the ever widening gap this would create between paying players and F2P(E2P).

My suggestion would be to have a grace period when applying a new rune, let’s say 24 hrs. You can add a rune, test it out and within that time period you can take that rune off again, free of charge. After that time period lapses, if the rune is still equipped, it becomes permanent.

This will allow players to test different runes on their dragons without fear of losing their rune permanently. It will also relieve stress from support not having to deal with one time removals anymore. It will not place F2P at an additional disadvantage.

Yes, I do see ways this could be abused but overall I think this is the easiest middle-ground solution. (Also the easiest to implement for PG. The code required to cause runes to revert to level 1 or to limit reapplication of runes would be quite difficult compared to a timer for allowing removal)

Fyi: This coming from a player who has had zero runes removed, was told by support certain runes would be removed for all players and then had PG go back on their word and refuse the bulk removal that was promised. I see the reasoning behind dragon rune placement being permanent and I dont think we should have free reign to remove/reuse them at will(or with our pocketbook)

I would appreciate any thoughts regarding my suggestion.


I don’t have access to PG’s accounts like you appear to, but could you check you didn’t misread something? I would assume atlas elite, and hence shards, and hence rider gear would be by far the most significant income generator from this game?

I do agree though, if it’s not too complex to implement, it would be nice to be able to swap runes on dragons.


Everything a rider needs can be gotten for free. However certain runes can only be gotten from rune chests (not silver).

My understanding is that this feature isn’t available as the coding to allow it hasn’t been prioritised, not that PG doesn’t want to implement.

I suggest we fight hard enough for this to make the top 5 list. Perhaps in place of the stupid Ryuu fix that shouldn’t even be on that list to begin with…



Please don’t expect a response before March: Jared on vacation


This is very very untrue actually.


I have no way to counter this as unlike you guys I don’t have pg accounts to hand


While I’m not sure what “accounts to hand” means, I personally have felt this way before I was in GPF. Loot boxes will generate more income, especially if that’s the only way to obtain a certain currency (elemental embers, runes, etc).