Runes and glyphs stacking

I have 2 legendary rage runes with different secundary skills and also 2 more epic rage glyphs with different secundary skills , my question is do they stack up or not?

Yes, they do, due to having different secondaries. That a lotta rage…

Lol it’s for my noctua

If you can equip it, it’ll stack :blush:


How does one get all the way to Obsidian and not know this stuff? :thinking:

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I was trying not to say that exact thing this whole time lol. Mean grumpy!

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Valid question is it not? I mean a question on game basics from an Obsidian level player. I don’t want to spell out the obvious but either it’s a clueless coiner, or a you-know-what.

Like I said I was wondering the same thing.Just didn’t want to be a dick lol

Diamond player too :man_shrugging:

I have to clarify there’s nothing in the profile that suggests anything untoward but just saying these are really game basics that someone who’s played that long should really know. This account has been active for a looooong time. Algor is in the top 3 drags.

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