Runes and How to Get Them

Is there any other way to get specific legendary or mythic runes without Silver Chests? I’ve been trying to get some for my dragons, and I’m wondering if their is a different way, or some sort of trick to the Silver Chests.

Hmm, specific is the keyword here.
Sometimes, runes are sold in limited time branches (including trading post), but more than often, they’re not the ones inside silver chest.


It is pretty rare to get a Mythic Rune from a silver chest. You can get Legendary Runes at the 10 level team quest chest. And you can also get Mythic and Legendary Runes in your event personal points achievements. For example, in this Crystal Caves event, you can obtain a Legendary Rune at 145k points and a Mythic Rune at 560k points.

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U can get from quest chest and from event prize aswell from dragon branches and from rune branches

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