Runes for chimerak and kinnarus

good evening everyone is new to join the forum sorry the English not very good I would have a question to ask those who are more experienced than me h a rune problem to equip on the dragons especially on chimerak and kinnarus I have no idea what to equip who can help me they are both dragons at level 13 thanks for the help


Wisdom and Rage is always an option, plus the featured resistance. Kinn can also be strengthened by invincibility and earthquake. And earthquake also works for Chimerak.


I recommend against equipping any GOOD runes or glyphs on Chimerak.

Only use COMMON and/or RARE earthquake, rage, or wisdom for him.

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thank you you were very kindly finally a tip

why not legendary

I’m ashamed to admit that I put MYTHIC and Legendary runes and glyphs on my Chimerak. He’s now level 40 (Garnet), and I had Grogg on him… He STILL wasn’t as effective as several other dragons in my roster from sapphire tier.

I suggest keeping the legendaries and mythics (and even epics) for future dragons, since they’re very rare - and from personal experience, I can say that the really good runes still don’t make Chimerak a good dragon… He’s OK at best, but those runes/glyphs would be much better utilized on other dragons. I wish I’d have saved mine for another dragon.

I understand thanks for the advice even to me chimerak (as the dragons DJ this season) does not crazy kinnarus and another level

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