Runes for Dreth

My Dreth is still at red, waiting to decide which tier is the best fit for assault if any before leveling… a team mate (just into garnet, lvl 200) really likes him and has one open slot left so I have absolutely no incite or experience to give…

Current runes are: mythic, legendary and epic runes of shore and legendary sorcerer hp

What would be their best options for the last slot?

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Rage. Dreth needs rage.
No rage, no spells :wink:

Dreth primarily wants Rage. The next best thing is Sorceror HP. But really he wants rage.

That was my first instinct… but I’d much rather get other feedback when making a suggestion to someone else and leading questions are never good.

Cheers :beers:


Pretty sure Dreth still has two spells with no rage… :grin:

Advice is still solid though.


It’s an “old” dragon now, wasn’t expecting a lot of feedback, so definitely appreciate all I can get :slight_smile:

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