Runes for Mordred

Looking to fit out Mordred with runes and glyphs. Looking for opinions on what characteristics are most important. Given unlimited runes what would you outfit him with? I have a mythic ammo rune and I plan to put that on him once he’s maxed. For now exp runes. Glyphs? Screenshots?


Possible options for glyphs. Have a pile of attack ones. Have a few rage ones. Have the one ammo one. I’m guessing attack is likely the most useful? Dunno.

Options for runes. Some need to be levelled up to max still but you get the idea. I assume the mythic ammo is a no brainer. What other one?

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From what I’ve seen, all atk probably. Im figuring it out myself currently.
I had thought about a mythic ammo for when thousand cuts in on cooldown plus some rage but Im not sure. His spells are based on HP but I dont think increasing a hunter’s HP stat is do much at all. like throwing a wet noodle vs a dry noodle at a brick wall.

I need to fly him more first but for sure I know the glyphs will be all atk

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Yeah I’m suspecting 3 attack glyphs makes sense. I do think the mythic ammo is just too good to pass up on for him. I’ll try it anyways and see. Not sure what other one to put there. The rune of pride is tempting with 12% HP but might be better off with another attack or ???

Mythic ammo plus mythic attack runes.
3x 8% attack glyphs.
Kazane as rider

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Using Sophia for the extra rage regen and extra ammo. A bit lower attack and HP but I think it’s worth it. :man_shrugging: Anja tied up on Gig right now still or I would have used her instead.


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Sophia is OK. But mordreds spells are all about the hps, which you get from kazane. If you was to use sophia then you would need to counteract with hps runes, meaning you lose the attack runes. So its kind of counteractive.
Rage regeneration is a waste on mordred. As he will inevitably get hit by at least 1 mage on a full base. So won’t have regen once he does anyway, so would then need the extra attack to burn the base.
And on a small base where he won’t get hit by a mage, he won’t need the extra regen anyway.

:thinking: i highly doubt that

I think mythic ammo increases dps so better than mythic hp

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You have some good points. I am still levelling him up so I don’t know if he gets rage drained a lot or not. I think rage regen is never a bad thing but obviously you have to look at what you lose by having it. I also think the extra +1 ammo adds to his potential damage somewhat as well. Not sure if it’s a toss up or not. I don’t have Kazane anyways so I can’t go with that rider. When I’m completely done with Gig I’ll likely respec Anja and use her instead for a little better stats. Or maybe a new rider? :man_shrugging:

Youve seen me fly. I block mage shots with my face


From what I’ve noticed, so do a lot of people in d1 :rofl:

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I will typically finish a long Island with 3 + rage so I see the rage as a last option. Ammo+ attack are definitely appreciated on him though
I’m not sure I’ve actually been hit by a mage shot with him when sober :thinking:


Okay went with the same for now but using Sophia. A few more levels today after work and he will be maxed. Looking forward to seeing what he can do. No idea what strategies to use yet with defenders but seems somewhat straight forward. :slight_smile:

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I may have accidentally hit your base last night while levelling him. :flushed: I think you had lots of food. lol. On a side note Gig really sucks against 105’s now!

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Put the maximum of ammo on the dragon, a legendary ammo is better than a 8% attack.

For the rune and glyph spots left, put hunter attack.

Sure it was accidentally :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

I didn’t get to see a replay bc im on Android but im sure ill come up again in your attack menu :rofl:

all strategies with him depend on his power compared with the base level. Eg if the towers have more health than his dps then it might be beneficial to spam down 1 tower at at time with thousand cuts rather than 2 or 3

Just a general example of course

Is there math on this? Not that I dont believe you but I’ve heard people claim that this is true and that it isnt so I’d just be interested to know how +1 ammo compares to say +5% atk