Runes for Zamrok, Spindra etc

It’s been a while and though there was a thread on the old forums it died quickly so I have to ask again.

Zamrok and Spindra in my case have basically no rune specific spells which means that on the same level (in my case 20 at the moment) hey are way less powerful than for instance fae (fae has a max 5.1m attack at the moment, zamrok and spindra sit at 4m). This is a big problem. Are there any plans on actually giving out runes for these (and similarily affected) divines? Because officially all divines should be at the same power at the same level, that’s at least how understand the release information, with all numbers being equal across the board in the descriptions.

should I have a missed a thread dealing with this I apologise, but search turned up nothing.

An official reply would be most welcome :slight_smile:

The runes are only a small part of their power.

You also need to look at research as well. I know my sorcerors lag behind in power because I skipped as many of those researches as I coul cause I hate playing sorcerors.

Really though, a lot of divines and higher tier dragons mainly benefit from rage runes, which are fairly rare to come across in legendary or Mythic levels.

My thinking is PG added those runes, for Fae and other divines, to make them more attractive than the other divines and/or to put them on a level playing field power wise. But that’s my thinking. I am sure others will have other thoughts on the issue.

well I’ve checked the resource and aside from invincibility shield there’s no research, but fae has two mythic and two leg runes specific to ice shock and her resistances (and invincibility shield) and I’ve yet to find a need for rage for her. zamrok creates his own rage also so no real need for a rage rune there either, but a rune for his mythic winds and one for northern lights would probably do wonders to close the gap (1.1m difference in damage at lvl 20 is substantial)…and I’ve done almost all research up to green (missing some green eggs, but the no completed research relates solely to base defense at the moment, so that can’t be the reason for the big discrepancy).

I think they are balanced more from an end game standpoint, there will be discrepancies along the way. There are lots of researches later on which affect different things. Even some of the just released researches, I’m afraid, will cause some imbalance issues.

maybe, I still don’t understand why some dragons have spell specific runes (kinnarus and chimerak both have something for their earthquake for instance) and others don’t. So far the difference is only getting bigger and that’s a problem in my eyes :wink:

@tayna85 I think Jonesy was implying sorcerer Dragons research in general, not just spells.

Also this is the best related thread I could find about new runes, if you are interested.

I wish PG is working hard to create some runes…

The entire rune thing would be so much easier if they dumped the runes they have and just create booster runes, that work across the board on all talents. You could have one single rune for everyone and the higher the level, the more the rune would effect the talent. Bonus for high lvl players and for Novices. Add 5%, Add 10% and the really rare Add 20%. Why does everything have to be complicated?

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any official word? please @PGJared or any other?

anything? just a small word at least whether or not that’s on your radar, please

from the Wintertide preview stream notes


thanks for the info, let’s hope that helps and that the statement of planning more dragon specific runes holds true :slight_smile:

They are planning and working on a rune update as @forScience mentioned. They may make a rune specific to Zamaroks spells, however, they wont just hand them out for free. You will most likely need to find them in a runic chest on your own.

In other words if we’ve chosen the wrong dragons, i.e. not chimerak or kinnarus, we’ll have to pay to get them to the same level as the others? that’d be quite a curveball, to put it mildly. I dearly hope you’re wrong.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s pretty funny

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not quite sure where the funny part is…:expressionless:

The only time they gave out runes was when a spell was actually changed and they had given a rune in the reward line that no longer worked on that dragon. (Like the Fae, K2 instance or the Explosive shield issues)

What dragons are you comparing? Dragons from the same season should all be the same strength at the same level. Dragons from a different season will have different scaling, especially if they are able to evolve to a higher tier.

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I believe my first post made quite clear what dragons I’m comparing and why I have a problem. long story short - fae was given replacement runes because what was there didn’t work, but it was intended for her to have runes specific to her spells or otherwise I wouldn’t why we would’ve gotten replacements. kinnarus and chimerak have spell specific runes as well, just like fae, zamrok doesn’t and that irks me as the power gap on the same level for both (fae and zamrok) is it getting bigger the higher they evolve.

As FlashingRed said, those rune replacements were from the overhaul where one rune, such as Freeze, would no longer apply to multiple spells. In order to retain the usefulness of Fae’s runes, it was given Ice Shock. Kelvin got Invert runes to replace Reverse Projectiles and so on.

Zamrok and Spindra were both released after that point, so there was nothing to replace.

And then for tayna85’s point about the power difference, runes/glyphs increase a dragon’s attack power, but that’s really just as a rough estimate anyway.

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Say whaaaaat? Gimme unlimited rage on Fae pretty pretty plz :)) Might need to look at a different strategy flying her if you can’t find ways of using her rage.

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umm, the other way around actually, if you need rage runes for her you’re the one needing the new strategy :wink: I my haven’t seen the need for rage runes for her given that her most useful spell doesn’t need rage, she works perfectly fine with a frozen rage bar :slight_smile:

I know why we got the replacements. my beef is that fae and others were intended to have spell specific runes (working or not is beside the point at this moment) and zamrok and spindra didn’t and that leads to one being stronger than the other whole being on par level wise. and a 1.3m power difference in the same lvl is not, as you put it, a “rough estimate” anymore (fae and zamrok at lvl 21 g, fae with 5.7m and zamrok with 4.4). why are you defending a inarguable flaw?