- Runes Forge 🤓 -

Some time ago, I had submitted the idea of a forge for runes:
For example :
rare + rare = rare or epic
epic + epic = epic or legendary

There are so many new dragons that a rune forge will be a good idea?


That’s an amazing idea! But you should also add that you can craft runes from rune dust as well


Nice idea friend but

Rare + rare = rare or epic +epic = epic what’s point there ? Rare + rare = epic makes sense but problem is what is the combination do it gives bc epic hv 2 features.

This may be good => glyph occupies 3/5 in dragons and buildings so
Rare rune + rare rune = glyph with same power ( same to epic , legendary mythic common )
Do pg thinks glyph > rune , then 3 rare = 1 glyph like any combinations.
Bc pg took glyph from season branches and finally this season they introduced 1/3 .

I think I’m not the only one who wants and does not have runes for dragons … otherwise you have to spend rubies.
Offering us an alternative would give us a chance to have good runes.

The game is changing and evolving.

We need to rethink the system for obtaining runes

I put up a suggestion similar to this months ago. Anybody on a computer able to search for it for me? It was a reply on a thread talking about rune crafting or something like that. :eyes:

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I totally agree with you TurboPog !
Dragons and towers are evolving but not the runes… we should can forge new items too, such as fire turret resist / dark flak resist etc
The forge is prehistoric compared to new powers of our dragons :blush:

I 2 agree , but if it’s rune to glyph then that would be more helpful know bc runes we normally get from silver and silver drops , but glyph ( runic chests don’t drop and it has rune also ) so glyph is very rare to find , only in events , runic chests now in branch 1/3 preference but glyph occupies 3/5 in dragons and buildings .

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