Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


Runes FAQ
A brief guide to some of the most commonly confused aspects of runes.


  • Runes are circular
  • Glyphs are diamond shaped
  • Dragon runes/glyphs are bright and appear slightly more multidimensional
  • Base runes/glyphs appear flatter and more washed in color

Rules for Stacking Runes/Glyphs

  • Different rarities

  • Rune & Glyph

  • Different Secondary Effects

The Rune Vault


  1. Sort By: Change order of appearance

  1. Salvage: Select this to exchange several runes or glyphs of your selection at once in return for dust.

Note: Unless selected, Vault defaults to hiding equipped runes/glyphs.

  1. Your current dust amount
  2. Your current number of runes/glyphs. It will list the max as 100, but that limit is not enforced.
  3. Selecting a rune or Glyph will make its details appear here.

Value of Runes/Glyphs
Runes vary from common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. The higher the rarity, the more dust needed to level the rune, the more dust salvaging the rune is worth, and the higher the rune’s level cap will be. Expert legendary and mythic runes look like tiny dragons. Glyphs are rarer than runes, but follow the same rules.

  • Enhance

  • Salvage

Matching Dragons to Runes/Glyphs
A rune/glyph will only work if the dragon has the spell or resist named in the glyph/rune. Attaching a cannon resist glyph to a dragon that resists archer towers will not make that dragon resist both cannons and archer towers.

Additionally, the spell must be exactly the same in order to work. Invert & reverse projectiles do not use the same runes; neither do invincibility and northern lights, shield blast and explosive shield, or any other similar yet differently named spells.

Mythic & Sapphire+ Dragons
Most have spells that do not have runes for them. Many players will attach runes with a secondary effect of rage or wisdom to these dragons as that is the only buff they can use. Examples: Hauheset, Apophet, A&A

Acquiring Runes

  • Glyphs are rare, usually event rewards only, some are in runic chests. A dragon can equip up to 3 glyphs.
  • Runes (the circular ones) are liberally given but a dragon can only use up to two of these.

Once Equipped

  • Runes can either be salvaged or enhanced. There is no option to unequip a rune from a dragon, so choose carefully.
  • Base runes can be unequipped, but at a ruby cost. Once you have a full set of legendary/mythic base runes, there is no reason not to salvage additional legendary and mythic base runes for their dust as you can reuse the set you already have.

List Of Bad Runes

Useless Runes

  • Storm Striker
  • Poison Striker
  • Poison Frenzy
  • Mystic Striker
  • Arcane Striker
  • Charged Shield

Broken Runes

  • Fire Turret Striker

Only Useful Until Up To Level ~63

  • Evasion
  • Havok
  • Wind Wall

Only Useful Until Up To Level ~120

  • Double Blast

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Could you add that Expert Legendary and Mythic runes and Glyphs looks like tiny Dragons flying behind your Dragons when you attack (“fairies”). As it is explained it seems to imply runes have a little Dragon on the runes, which is not always the case…


I’ll just get a photo and upload it in that spot.



I just love those tiny Dragons :heart_eyes:


Excellent guide for those who are having trouble understanding this! (I already knew this but really enjoyed reading your post anyway :wink:)

Now we just need to direct people to the forums so they can see this awesome information :smile:


I believe I have seen this answered elsewhere, but for centralization of the information - could you please add whether the stacked rune/glyph percentages are added or multiplied, etc?


Added. (10 char)


Does runes/glyphs have effect on spells from ex tract essence ?


Where? (10 Characters)


I meant the buffs are always added not multiplied… :joy:


If a dragon has a resistance in his skill tree but it is not currently unlocked due to being insufficient level, can resistance runes boost that resistance? E.g. if I put a mythic ice turret resistance on level 1 Avyx, does it do nothing until level 13?



It only works once the resist is unlocked and active.


@PGMichael @PGReive @PGCrisis

Can we get a fix for the Chaos runes/glyphs please? Not working since the balance changes.


Nice, Thank you :raised_hands:t3::heart:



Yeah as I said, I had seen it elsewhere - I was hoping it could be incorporated into the body of the initial post to keep the information consolidated.

But thanks for putting it in the thread anyway - at least it’s all still in here :slight_smile:


Where can i see a dragons resists and bonuses like +rage ingame?

Equestor has Runes of Storm with : Thunderbolt Chains + 1.00
So if I equip two of those runes the lightning will jump to two more towers? :blush:


Yes, it will jump 2 more towers.

For active roster, click on the active roster tab, then select any dragon and click on “Train” . That will show its spells and resists. For checking and adding/removing runes, select equip and click on runes tab.

For other dragons, click on Dragons Den-> view dragons -> Swap dragons and select the dragon you want to check. After selecting the dragon, click on info and it will show you all dragon spells and resists. For checking and adding/removing runes, select Boosts and click on runes tab.
Hope this clarifies it for you.


What is the rarity levels? I know it start at common. Does it end at legendary?
Is this just on dragons or towers as well?