Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


Mythic is after Legendary, then it ends.


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On dragons or towers?


For both, runes and glyphes, buildings and Dragons.


Only Atlas crafting is inconsisten to the rarity colors of the rest of the game.

Regular (in order)
Common (red)
Rare (purple)
Epic (blue)
Legendary (orange)
Mythic (green)

Atlas gear/crafting
Common (gray)
Rare (blue)
Epic (purple)
Legendary (orange)
Mythic (green? So far this doesn’t exist)


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I might have missed this in your guide, so sorry >_< . Just to confirm, if… per say… you have a Legendary Cannon Resist Glyph/Rune or something, and it has a Rage bonus as its secondary affect, would that rage bonus apply to the dragon you attach it to even if the dragon does not have Cannon Resist? Or would the rage bonus only work with the dragons that have the resist?


The secondary effect for rage would still work. Many people use that on mythics that can’t use other runes


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Some are more obvious than others, but maybe not to everyone, so could you explain why those lists are useless and broken and why no double blast after a certain level. I get that arcane striker increases mage supershot attack, and mages do hurt a tiny bit when you get hit, but that rune would be useless. I just hoped it meant the length of the rage regeneration blocker. But frenzy would still work right? And what’s wrong with all the ice turret runes. Basically, could ya explain the whole list. Thanks!

Added: Also, i know that a cannon resist rune does not give the dragon a cannon resist if it doesnt already have it, but i see that any rune at all, regardless of whether it applies to your dragon, boosts your dragons attack. Also every time you enhance that rune, your attack goes up. So in cases where there are no runes for my dragon, and i have no rage runes, i use one of the many epic rejouv or healing marks and it still seems to boost my dragon…


Mage runes don’t do anything to rage blocker, that is one clearest thing. There are no dragons with explosive shield after platinum.
So Double blast is not usable on any dragons.
Poison runes/glyphs-> :face_vomiting:
Storm Striker -> Does less damage than normal attack and its mainly meant for shield. Timing of shield doesn’t increase.

Broken runes mean they are not working as intended.


Boost the dragon’s Attack power (AP ) . Its just another number for reference.
Runes which are incompatible will still boost AP but there is no change in Damage dealt by dragon or increase in HP. Also, no spell is getting improved by those runes. That means change in number is only visual and has no real impact.


There is a completely different discussion between dragon runes and building runes.

On buildings you generally find runes either increase supershot damage or they increase speed (frenzy)

The basic issue with building runes is you only
Supershot a select few and frenzy don’t tend to help important stats on the elemental towers.

With dragon runes you have similar but different runes. For example northern lights is basically an invulnerability shield which explodes and gives buildings healing marks (or rage marks if it’s the dark version). And if you equip invulnerability runes or healing mark runes you gain zero benefit because it has to exactly match the spell on the dragon, which it doesn’t. The subtext on the spell explaining the primary and secondary ability must match word for word to a skill the dragon either has or has been equipped. I never really got a clear answer if it works for extract essence or steal essence, but I’d bet money it doesn’t actually work.

There are also a few shields that seem the same but aren’t. And double blast is sort of unique and poorly worded spell. But it adds a second explosion for any dragon that has explosive shield while also increasing another stat. Last I checked it wasn’t actually adding the second explosion and almost no dragon of use has explosive shield. Similar to the spell that adds a bounce to thunderbolt but without a confusing second modifier.

Umm. That mostly covers the obvious ones.


What dragon would you equip with a mythic chaos rune? And is the chaos rune working now?


I always had that doubt. From my understanding, % given against blasting twice is the chance that it explodes twice . In pinch, we have to pray that it happens. It’s luck even using rune, feels ridiculous sometimes.


Are the useless runes the basic runes or does it include “rare”


Common, Rare, epic, mythic, all types from my understanding


You don’t use that rune, its useless ballista rune.


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If all of these are “broken” or useless, then when will you provide with ones that aren’t, since these are the only ones you seem to get in silver chest?!