Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


When an attacking dragon destroys a statue with mounted runes/glyphs will the statue island towers loose their improved stats from that moment?
Or stay these equiped runes/glyphs (equiped at the start of the attack run) active for the whole run?



Thank you for the links :+1:


I would like to know if PG is working on the capability to be able to SWITCH runes on dragons and not just towers. I’ve found that as seasons begin and end there’s comparable dragons in an upcoming season that can utilize the runes from dragons before. I want to switch my legendary healing mark glyph from borgian and place on avyx and can’t right now. I sent a help message in regards to this and I’m not sure how many people have this similar issue. I don’t change my base layout often enough for the tower runes being able to switch, becoming too useful to me. If this could PLEASE, please please, please, be an idea for an upcoming update I’d be exceptionally pleased.
For all the strategic rune growth i do with the dust, its a shame I’ll invest in excellent runes for a dragon that i either plateau because i didn’t achieve enough stones or because it’s too weak for my opponents now and I’m out of it’s egg group. Thank you for this updated platform to express my concerns PG.


Sorry new to the forum stuff but have plenty to say. Reposted for accuracy and open reponses. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Any update from pg about rune removal? And also rune dust?
So many new dragons coming out, but never enough good glyphs to match the 3 slots.
And when we do save up a good glyph we don’t have the fuckin dust to max it​:man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:
Jeezus what with all this bs pg trying to pull? Coz I’m not paying for those dammed runic chests! It’s mostly junk :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Quick question, if I apply 2 identical rejuvenation runes to a dragon will the effects stack on each other?


Noooo. If completely identical they WON’T stack. But you also can’t equip both either.

So, if you can equip both, they will stack. Most likely because their secondary effects are different/


Then he wouldnt be able to equip anyway
Sry got lazy reading


So on Vulcan he has a divine fireball so will the legendary fireball rune I have for him not work?


.hell maybe, i dont use em. Answer should be no.


Who knows - SpaceGhost is right - should be no.

Anyway Vulcan is crap why bother putting a rune on? Scrap that rune for dust - you’ll need it.


@PGCoffee are there any plans on making the ice, fire and storm runes actually applicable/working?


My concern is the lack and absence of Glyphs and ruin dust I’ve got more dragons with ruins but no Glyphs, without the ability to remove and reuse there are not enough available for the dragons that are being offered !
There are no chests for them, they hardly ever turn up and when they do it’s generally rare or epic, on my Noc I have ruins only no Glyphs for him what so ever


Vulcan is crap, but I like fireball run on steal Essenes dragons. When you hit arrows, fireball is even more effective then.


Thanks for the Info Shadow,
I have Legendary Rune of Storms and Mythic Rune of Storms on Equestor. Both with Thunderbolt Chains as secondary boost.
Does Your red circle mean they don’t stack? Reason being they are the same exact Rune just differant level? Wanted to get verification from you before I remove Legendary and waste more Rune dust.
Thank you


They Stack


Does the chain end after all towers have been hit on a short island, therefore making the extra bounce or 2 useless? Idk why i never thought to check this sooner, guess cause i didnt bother with EQ branch at all.


Yes, it ends. Moreover its painful to see its randomness. Its unreliable but most times it atleast hits all towers on short island


Only been playing a short while but trying to figure this all out. Question about Fireball runes. Are they for use with dragons with a fireball attack (drude, ember, enki, etc… ) or is there dragons later on that have some special fireball spell that they get used with?