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At higher levels the dragons have so much hp that balistas are more of a minor annoyance than anything threatening. Balistas make a great tower to leave behind to gain more rage before attacking :slight_smile:


Gotcha. I have given this news to my Captain so we can get it to our newbies, hopefully keep them from wasting goods and time. Thank you everyone.


Now I know Ballistas aren’t any good, what about Trebuchets?


Just no.

You just went from love of ballistas to delusion.
They do not have potential at any level.

Sorry for destroying your illusion, but denying the truth does not change the facts, and is neither ignorance nor stubborness.


Thank you. My most recent contribution was to alert new players not to listen to your ballista recommendation above. Because all but new players already know that.

I am open to politely explain several concepts to you, if you first show capability to listen, to be polite, and not to spread lies and misconceptions. Otherwise it would be more waste of time and energy.

One last thing, many as myself answer posts so the hundreds of forum readers with similar questions or following a thread can see some experient answers. That’s all you’ll have from me until you show you deserve special attention.



Why don’t you ask Luffy about this? His post to me is above. He is a base designer.


Thank you Ganster.


Please pause before removing the foot you’ve placed in your mouth.

There have been many people have have dedicated so much time into studying base design. So before you try to convince new players that a square wheel is more
efficient than a round one, please take some time to study the beautifully written base guides found on this site and others. If you are so interested in the technical aspects of bases, Mech has provided a handy dandy geeked out document somewhere on this forum. Kudos and cookies for taking time to find it. We al mrs practice utilizing the search function.

Now, I gather that you are the one who created the unorthodox post about bases, which is great. It’s awesome to see players venturing out to recreate what has already been done. But please don’t waste new players time pretending to be an expert. That’s not fair to them.


Bc it takes 4? Seconds to get to the dragon. During that time, that dragon should have done about 7 different things and either cloaked or shielded.
And oh yea, ballista is occupying space for a tower that would actually do some damage.
Lastly, after 4 seconds, either that island is dead, or the dragon is, so if that’s when the poison/debuff hits, whoop-dee-doo.

Trebuchets have been replaced by dark flaks.


With ballista on front of 2nd perch attacker cannot build 2 bars of rage by mid. Wouldnt matter in most cases with an ice flak up front anyway. Oh, and dragon will still be poisoned :wink:

As i said, i generally didnt place shot on ballista unless i had help defending and/ or opponent used it to gain rage.


@Lutrus and @mechengg

This turned into trolling.
Continuing to reason will be like playing chess with a pigeon.


Are you considering that you will be always on to defend your base in wars? I am sure half your strategy will go into teaching your teammates how to defend your base or else it might end up getting wrecked because it is not defender- friendly.


'Scuse me for butting in, but I thought the attack debuff and increased damage were things that were removed a long time ago?


What did i say that was trolling and not currently making u look like a hypocrite.


Settle down, kids. No use arguing a point that everyone (other than Khaos) already knows.


False. I’d like to direct you to:

A well written explanation as to why that is not an efficient use of a defensive spot.


Sorry. In order to make this thread relevant, shouldn’t all posts about base defense be moved to appropriated thread?


Nope. You may be thinking of the ice flak. Or perhaps the ice turret prior to the rebalancing in which the defense buff was significantly increased.


I can’t refute something that doesn’t make any sense to begin with. :joy:


Not telling you what to do or how to build your base, but it’s just flat out irresponsible to tell new players ballistas are a good idea.