Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


It is all relative. The ice turret shield pre-balancing would not have made enough of a difference to be chosen in lieu of a storm, dark flak or mage supershot. It wasn’t that it did nothing, but that it didn’t do enough.

I criticized the ice flak heavily when it was released because a 1 second freeze with a low DPS was not valuable enough to draw attention over, say, a dark flak or fire flak supershot. Fortunately, those within PG I have contact with listened to those criticisms (and those of others in the community) and buffed the ice flak’s attack and special duration in the subsequent rebalancing.

That is the last I will say on this, as it is not the correct thread for it and you are not a member of my team.
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If I was a new player, I’d be reading this as “ballistas are good, and to think not I must be a stubborn ignorant ass.” I like your thread with your base and everything, good on you for being original and what not, but come on.


I repeat…If I was a new player. Wouldn’t I want to “know what I am doing” and be a badass ballista owner?


Dude I have nothing against you. If ballistas work for you that’s great! I am happy they do! But for the vast majority they do not, so when a new player is seeking advice all I’m saying is maybe not try to give advice like it’s the OP thing to do when for 99.99999999% of the players it is garbage


Happy hunting bud.



This is a guide about glyphs and runes. Please take all bases take to a different thread.


Luffy, I don’t wasn’t to be a pain, but I have been playing Dioskorn came out. So pretty much still a newbie when it comes to this. I need to make sure I am looking in the right place. Do you mean the abilities they originally come with?


Autofill is a pain in my behind. I don’t want to be a pain.


Yes, the original abilities = dragon spells and resists.
Also, runes are specific spells, so rune of storm won’t work on Chain lightning spell.


I understand that. I just needed to know that I was looking for the right thing. Thank you very much.


I am not even close to Flakes yet.




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what increase storm supper shot even do? storm supper shot doesnt make any damage


One thing that bug my mind.
Why is there (albeit extremely rare) runes to i crease hunter’s ammo capacity, but not one to increase its regen speed?


There is no beam shown but it does damage, although not visible as any shot.

look at that special attack 58.1k? that’s the damage a lev 28 storm special attack does.


I’m just not seeing it?


Any confirmed range for the supershot attack?


seems you are right! but then what is that 58.1k or whatever it is?