Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


Psychological damage.


You dont know about this lol
It just say so to fool you, in battle it does nothing. I tried


Now I’m sure this question has been asked before but I’m not searching through 120 comments.

What makes those runes useless and/or broken?


Whatever they do just… doesn’t work I guess. Their original intention was fxcked up by coding or removed. Or, in the case of Mage SS damage, the damage is so little in the first place that it’s really not worth using.


@ShadowsOfBirds or anyone reading…

Why do you thing are these runes broken? (OR what exactly is broken in them)
Broken Runes

Ice Turret Frenzy
Fire Turret Frenzy
Fire Turret Striker



I read something a few days back that Frenzy runes were fixed but I’m still not sure about any of the ones you listed. Can anyone confirm that Frenzy runes are fixed :thinking:


Those have been fixed since the OP.


Hi everyone! I have a doubt with a glyph … “Epic wisdom gilph”… This has gain xp and chain lightining… Would it work for Equestor and his white spell or only for red spell? I read that there are runes that do not work for “special spells” but I doubt… Just to be sure… Thanks :blush:


If it’s chain lightning, it only works on chain lightning: the red spell. Runes have to exactly match the spell they’re modifying.


thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I am new to War Dragoons. Been playing a lot, reading a ton. Can anyone tell me if a rare dark flak resist glyph will work on any dragon? I also think wisdom and rage glyphs and runes will work on any dragon, but not 100% sure. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


It will not


Wisdom and Rage runes/glyphs work on any dragon. Resist and spell runes only work on a dragon if the dragon has the exact same spell/resist as the rune. :t_rex:


You can have runes that will boost add on spells but dark flak is not an add on


Thanks so much all!!! I guess I’m not high enough yet to have a dragon with a resist dark flak attribute. Ill hold and keep looking. Beside the rage and wisdom glyphs and runes, are there any others that work with all dragons? I messed up early on and attached a higher level cannon resist glyph to Gladicus thinking it would help. Live and learn🤦‍♂️. Guess I’ll just salvage it so I at least get some useful dust out of it.


Also, is the list of worthless Runes at the top of this page still accurate? Don’t want to destroy something if its useful. I have like 150 plus runes and glyphs total and don’t know what to salvage and what to keep.


I believe Leos’s runes of pride work with all dragons. Ammo runes work on all hunters but those are as rare as a snowball in hell.
And yes, I’m fairly certain that list is still accurate. :t_rex:


Thanks hellraptor. Ill keep my eye open for that snowball, :joy:


@ShadowsOfBirds can you update the useless runes list please?

Frenzy runes now work. Mystic shot runes still suck


So I know the rune or glyph name has to match exactly the attribute/spell/resistance of the dragon. I have Amarok and one of his spells is explosive shield. I have an epic explosive shield rune, but it says the rune increases explosive shield +5.4% and increases wind wall duration 0.14 seconds. Will this rune still work on Amarok as there is no wind wall spell associated with him? Is it worth equipping? Or is there another dragon to use this on? Thanks for your help.