Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on how fast you’re progressing and if you’re following a breed path (preferably red’s). That rune is ideal for hugin, bc he has both explosive shield and windwall, but the explosive shield bonus from the rune will work on amarok, but at player level 84, he kinda reaches his cap. I think it’s worth waiting for hugin to put it on.


Thanks Lutrus. I am following Red’s breeding path. I’ll check out Hugin. I really appreciate all of your advice, and everyone else’s. Can be a little confusing. Been searching for a guide that lists what runes to use with what dragon, but haven’t been able to find anything yet. Is there something out there to help?


I don’t think there is one, mostly bc most lineage Dragons aren’t worth any rune past epic runes. Why? Bc in 2-3 months, you have a new tier unlocked and that dragon isn’t useful anymore and as of this post, there isn’t a way to unequip runes off of dragons. Notable exceptions are hau, noc, ferga, and most of the harb tier.
So just put rare or epic runes on the dragons you like for now and save the good runes (like rage, heal mark, ammo, chaos etc.) for divines or said notable lineage Dragons :slight_smile:




Since Hugin is capped at 84 too, isn’t it good to use it for Amarok instead?
I mean, past 84, people will tend to use Gold or Green Divine…


Amarok is orange. Hugin is green. Hugin will last longer


For other tier, I believe it is. However, not green. Both orange and green are capped at 84. At that level, even Gold Legendaries can get to lv 20+, therefore much stronger than expert green.
Due to power leap (simply by having one gold legendaries), many players can use gold divine already, which will be much stronger than the lineage one (due to less exp requirement)


The thing is there are no golds worth putting the rune on. You can look ahead if u like. I think you’ll need to wait until kaiju to see another explosive shield then none after that.


I just got a mythic sorcerer attack rune today and i was so proud beimg it was my first ever mythic rune.
But the only thing which sucks is it has fire flak resist and I can’t seem to find a sorcerer dragon that meets that description, does anyone know of a dragon?

So I am wondering if it’s worth salvaging or should I hold on to it in hopes there will be a dragon that goes with that rune.


Using it for any sorcerer is fine I think…


I thought I would do that but then realized that you can unequiped runes from dragons and I would be spewing if there was a sorcerer with fire flak resist next season lol


If so, then save it.
IIRC, my Nec has rage rune with havoc as second effect (which nec doesn’t have).
I give it to Nec as he needs a lot of rage, not considering the 2nd…


True that, using it to your own benefit, I will wait until next season and see what the dragon’s are like, thanks :blush:


There are sorcerers with fire Flak resist in Harbinger tier


Looks like imma be waiting a while haha only breed Danzig last breeding event lol
Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I have one maybe dumb question, which rune/research makes those farms and mills constantly healing themselves


Just auto shots being placed, is a standard feature that all players have when undefended. There is also a limit.


I added full stats for all runes (dragons and buildings) at my site also. More info in this thread: Dragon Manager new site for information


I’m trying to figure out if Axi’s Rainbow spell is strengthened by raising its base hp with HP runes, or if the damage for Rainbow only applies to its unboosted natural HP only. Does anyone know 100% whether or not the runes/glyphs will work?


All dragon spells currently behave using BaseHP or BaseAttack, and will not be affected by runes, research or riders increasing dragon health or attack