Runes/glyphs removal from DRAGONS Let’s discuss this

This game has always relied upon experimentation with setups since the beginning. For the same reason that runes are removable from towers, they also need to be removable from dragons. With the constantly changing landscape of the game, players need to be able to experiment with setups and gear load outs for the best playing experience. Being locked into one setup is not good for anyone.

There have been discussions in the past about this but we’ve never reached a resolution. There needs to be some clear and concise policy regarding removing them. As it stands, the process is shrouded in mystery as some people have them granted and some are denied. A set cost to remove these is the best option in my eyes with perhaps a cool down system on the frequency it can be done? It doesn’t seem too difficult to implement and It would have vastly reaching consequences.

  1. Player happiness…we’ve been asking for this for years.

  2. Freeing up manpower in support so they don’t need to manually handle these requests.

  3. Provide income for PG with ruby costs.

Thanks for your consideration and input.


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I’d rather flirt with Support to get it done than use rubies. :eyes:


As much as I want to do this, do we as the player base (you too obviously) really want folks to take their best mythic runes off of no longer used dragons (except for Temple Raid) and put them (already maxed) onto a current more powerful dragon?

I’m really not sure if I do or if I don’t want this from the non-attacking perspective. I know some of the concern is mitigated by the unique spell naming since that was implemented but there are several runes like ammo rage and generic dragon class runes that might concern me.

I’m sure you thought of all that and even at your advanced level you must not be concerned about this. May I ask why not?


Please please please. I’m sick and tired of feeling “guilty” by sending a ticket in to have them removed and being told no.


Why would one be? Good runes are rarely picked up, and given that bases can be reruned for a price, why not dragons too?

Additionally, given that new dragons come out every season and you only have one base…doesn’t this just equalize dragons-vs-bases?


Why would you worry? You can do yourself too with your dragons.

-edit- not doing something because of the effects on others is short sighted IMHO.

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I absolutely get where you are coming from… in my mind removal should be limited by the age/tier of the dragon it’s being removed from. Having a rune removed from a dragon three tiers behind a players current tier and having it reset to level 1 is a realistic option. Having last seasons rune removed and keeping it’s maxed level, not so much.


But…why does it matter? Dragons go obsolete really quickly.

And they absolutely should not be rolled back unless we get 10x more rune dust than we get now.


Why people is afraid of the runes but not to the fact you can change riders with their gear? You know, like +100/+100 gear…


People already do remove and move their best runes through support tickets.

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Base tower levels upgrade almost every month nowadays too. And new tower types. New runes and base movement and layout changes. Needs constant moving of runes. Same as dragons Do. No point leveling. Mythic rage and then needing one in a month for a new dragon. That would be like leveling the mythic dark flak to go and then store your mythic flak. Never using that maxed rune again. Both need removal abilities as there are rune loads where people mess up loading a dragon with wrong rune types and then find out from users that a better rune set up will give that dragon better performance. Always a need for a quick change.

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Well in the end you could invest in 3 runes and have those runes last you for the lifespan of the game. Dragons have a shelf life. Towers unless consistently reinvested in also become obsolete. Depreciation is a thing and I think it should apply.

Having said that rune dust is an issue of its own.


So what if you had the ability to remove the runes/glyphs from a dragon, but the rune/glyph reverted to level 1?


I thought I said my concerns / worries. I’m still thinking about it. I was hoping to start a civil discussion about the pros and cons. I am ambivalent about it at this point.

I think there are more dragon runes that have been maxed than base runes that have been maxed. Mythic hunter, ammo runes are pretty rare and I suspect as a gating mechanism and from PG’s perspective to get folks to buy runic and silver chests (if anyone ever does such a thing).

As I said, as much as I might like to put my best runes on Ronin for example, do I want every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come at me with a Ronin on steroids from day one?


Too much expensive. Like charging 100000 rubies to reset a rider. Maybe removing 1 level each time you remove the rune?
Without a ruby cost, obviously. From my point of view is dust or rubies, not two currencies


Tripping. Level 1 lol. Rune dust is hard to come by for the biggest of spenders. So the rune removal at full maxed just like the base defense runes is needed. They both change and the difference is. There are a ton of dragons to rune. That no one ever even runes up because it’s so hard to come by dust. So having the removal ability makes it where people can use their dragons to the fullest each season. And actually give different dragons a chance. Play around with rune set up to make that dragon better and better. Pg will get their money’s worth. They still have us using dust for the special unique mythics for each season drag. So it’s a win win. No point to level rage runes over and over again. Just stick to leveling the dragons unique runes alone. And then more runes get leveled if you set up a dumb rune that doesn’t pay off well on a dragon you can take it off. And should be same amount of rubies. Not way more.

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I have yet to ask as I have heard conflicting opinions that it is a one shot deal or if you’re really nice (might need to change my name) they will do it multiple times.


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Are you ok with the same guys coming with a fully geared Ronin from day 1? 100/100? (I have a full elite set on Fomhar, that Ronin will enjoy as soon as I hatch him)


I know I’ll never buy those. they’re horrible.
They would however get me to spend rubies on removing runes… (assuming it’s not some absurd price)


Please allow us to remove runes and glyphs from dragon too (like we do for the buildings)