Runes improvements

I would like to see an improvement in runes put into prizes… like how about an invokers runes …


A lot of people have been asking for invoker runes and a rune update in general.
Fingers crossed it gets some attention soon, I’d love some more runes for naja :yum:


they said runes will be updated soon!


Sometime around 2050 lol


cool story bro!

They said that when, in 2018?

Pretty clear it’s never going to happen


Hence my joke and slight jab at pg because we hear that often yet rarely hear back on these topics if we do it’s most often a stereo typical reply of we will give this to the team or it’s being looked at !
Sad attempt at making a jab prince!
It’ ok prince you keep practicing I believe in you :rofl:


Yeah they don’t care. Either that or they just literally hate us. Hence the two mythic glyphs during discount being warrior attack and earth flak attack.


Pretty sure people havent just been asking about invoker runes when it comes to rune improvements

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Yeah leaned hard Into the invoker part. Sorry for that

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They’re should be a rune(s) and rider(s) that have decreased Invoker ammo regen cooldown by 0.5 or by 1 second.

That’s just me tho :eyes:

I see all these “riders” have increased Hunter, Warrior, sorcerer, and Invoker Ap & Hp. What’s the difference from them making a rider that boost all dragon classes Ap & Hp :man_shrugging: that’ll open up so much more opportunities with riders skill trees.

Like a rider that provides increased dragon Ap by 5%-10% each tree square and same thing goes for Hp, at the end of the skill tree you can pick more Ap/Hp/ Rage regeneration/Hunter Ammo by +1, Decrease Invoker ammo regen by 1 second/ Increase Invoker Ammo by +1, increased sorcerer swip attack by 10-15%, increased warrior DOT(damage over time)…

There’s so many other options they can do but don’t… why not :man_shrugging:

There are of course the runes that are specific to each invoker but I’m talking about the ap and hp ruins , or ruins for howitzer and drakul, more wisdom ruins other common, helpful to non atlas teams. Or here’s a thought a rainbow ruin… get it and choose the ruin you want

Have rune that specifically benefits a class
We already have ammo rune restrictedly made for hunter
Can we have rune specifically make for others class?
Rune that increasing warrior flame speed
Rune that decreases invoker reloading time
Runes increases sorcerer attack speed
And actually bring back fantastic glyphs like lightning striker glyphs which is priceless for literally everyone

The runes glyphs make balancing a meta very hard and that’s just the ones already in circulation!
My thoughts are that adding more complex runes that effect all areas of the game such as the pylon would throw off what little semblance of balance pg has achieved as far as dragon to base balance is concerned!
While they would be nice to have the addition of them would simply be nullified by pg adjusting the numbers to regain balance and effectively by asking all were really asking for is more to grind on and spend on!
Yep sometimes it’s best to not ask for something because you might get what you asked for but it won’t necessarily work out like you think.
Yep kinda like asking a genie for a wish you better be very precise or most likely you will regret it! :man_shrugging::rofl:

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