Runes in Rune tower that don’t show in the Dragon Roster

Unequipped Runes in Rune tower that don’t show in the Dragon Roster

Im confused, what’s the question/problem?


I think I understand what you are saying. When equipping runes to your base you can’t use dragon runes. When equipping runes to your dragons, you can’t use runes for your base. If this isn’t what you meant clarify it a bit more, if you have any other rune related questions I’m sure me, Potato woman (FieryxFury), or anyone else can help.


You can’t use runes for dragons on your base?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I have runes that aren’t equipped on dragons in my Rune Tower. When I go to the Dragon roster to add a rune to a dragon, those runes aren’t there. They show up in the Rune Tower but not in the Dragon Roster.

How do I make them available to equip in the Dragon Roster?

I’m trying to apply dragon runes to dragons…not to the base

It might be helpful if you actually explain what runes you’re trying to put on but cant

Tower runes dont go on dragons, dragon runes dont go on towers. If you already have a copy of a certain rune/glyph then you cant put a 2nd one that is the exact same on the same dragon or monument. Ie if you have 2 legendary rage runes with cloak as a secondary then once you put one of those on that dragon the 2nd one wont appear as an option for the 2nd rune slot

Ammo runes also wont appear as an option for any dragon other than hunter


I have a “Legendary Rage” dragon rune that is not equipped… It shows in the Runes Tower.
I want to put the “Legendary Rage” rune on the dragon, Luzok , but when I go to the Dragon Roster and select Ruzok, the “Legendary Rage” rune doesn’t show.

I can see it in the Rune Tower… I cannot see it in the Dragon Roster.

  1. Do you have another legendary rage rune equipped to Luzok?
  2. Are you sure the legendary rage rune isnt equipped to another dragon?

Yes you can as long as something about them is different. You can have a legendary rage rune with secondary cloak and a legendary rage rune with secondary xp or fireball on the same dragon. You can have 3 legendary rage glyphs on if they all have different secondary abilities

“Okay I have confusion”

I didnt see you reply :stuck_out_tongue: thats why i posted…but you had allready aswered the question. And yes, if they have different names or secondary, they can stack.

My best guess is as follows: by the sounds of this, it’s a legendary rage rune, this means it can only go on the first 2 rune slots, not any of the last 3 which are all glyph slots. To work around this you must put it on one of those first 2 slots if you have one free or otherwise remove one of the runes there and replace it with that

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Also, are you sure it’s not there? The way they are organized when viewing them through a dragon rather than the vault is atrocious (shocker).


Probably add a screenshot or two as many of us are confused on what’s really happened


Probably you forgot to unequip it?