Runes menu - sort or stack

Just a minor suggestion: could you change the runes menu to group similar runes together? Stacking would be best, but even the option to sort alphabetically would help and must surely be simple to implement. I tend to salvage runes I’ve got loads of (as well as ones I don’t want at all), but at the moment finding them in the menu is like launching some joyless memory puzzle mini-game.


Yes x 1000 This should be a simple thing to implement


I agree it would be great if we could sort through runes easier


Sorting would be nice, I don’t know about stacking because many runes have the same name but a different secondary bonus. But that would still be useful if you just want to keep one or two runes of each name and same secondary effect and salvage the rest. This would certainly clear the mess of Legacy normal runes and rares runes :grin:

Edit : sorting it by spells, so you can see all runes with primary spells you want, of all rarity. Something that I wished was implemented a long time ago.

Good point, I’d forgotten about the secondary bonuses. Definitely want to group by spells, my main use is that I want to lose rare (or common) runes when I have an epic or legendary ones of the same type.

Sort alphabetically. End of story.


Maybe I am taking your ‘end of story’ too literally, in this case my apologies, English is not my first language, but I still wish for a finer sorting options than alphabetically… Our sorting options right now are not only limited but Rarity isn’t even sorted right. If I remember well epic runes appear after rare ones, something like that, when you sort from stronger to weaker runes…

I have been tracking my epic and up runes on a spreadsheet and have found that, at least since I started playing in June, almost all runes have the same secondary. The only one where I have seen different secondary boost is the rage rune (one has cloak, the other XP).
In glyphs, so far I have only seen different secondary buffs on the Lightning resist glyph (Freeze, Invincibility and Cannon Resist)

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Please yes. I suggested this a long time ago as well. Can’t believe we don’t have this yet…
Thanks for bringing it up again!
Adding my vote…


I would like to see this added to the game as well. Not that it’s a priority because we already know how to cope with what we have but it would be a nice addition.

Another related idea: in the equip menu, an option to filter out runes that wouldn’t be useful for the dragon I’m equipping for (except as a boost for an equipped spell). Not as necessary as the sorting/stacking for preventing me from crying every time I open a menu, but might be handy too.


I haven’t cleaned out my runes in a long time because it’s so time consuming to go threw and see what I even have. I’ve also thought about making a spreadsheet. We shouldn’t have to make a spreadsheet to track it ourselves (although I wouldn’t mind making one if they would give us the raw data, so I can use my spreadsheet to sort and filter.) Below I have what I think would be a good system for sorting and filtering (some already exist, I am putting them below because I think they should stay.).

  • Filter by spell - it should pull up all runes that have that spell as the primary or secondary spell.
  • Filter by dragon or building (so keep this)
  • Filter by normal or glyph (so keep this)
  • Filter by equipped or unequipped (in addition to sort or instead of sort)
  • Filter by rarity AND sort by rarity
  • Sort by level (so keep this)

There is plenty of room on the right side under the current filters to add these filters and sort options. This would be ideal, I think.


I agree with many of the above mentioned solutions. Sorting through runes is a pain and hassle for many. I think sorting by rarity is nice but if we had a way to group not only rarity but also like runes together it would make it easier to see which runes I wanted to keep and which runes I would like to salvage. This way it’s way more manageable to keep track of what runes you have.

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I agree this would be a welcome improvement to the runes menu.

Just don’t be surprised when, if in a future update this feature is added, something completely unrelated breaks.

Like chat.

Yea please PG! It’s surprising why it is such a mess to begin with.

Continuing the conversation here as it seems this kind of sorting/search for runes is still drawing interest once a month.

If I was wrong to bump this thread please let me know, I’ll apologize :sweat_smile:

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This REALLY needs to be fixed. Please do something!

I know the new thread was closed so the discussion could go on here. I asked for it to be closed and redirect conversation on this thread instead to keep information at the same place and since it was nearly a month since last reply I bumped the thread so it wouldn’t be locked.

Ah ok. When you said here, I thought you meant in the new thread that you quoted.

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