Runes on a kill island

What runes would you put on a kill island. You know the fairly basic: 1 blue 1 red mage, flak, storm tower, other tower (mine is a ice turret) What runes would be good for a kill island? What do you more experienced players have on yours?

I have fire flak frenzy runes I think, fire turret damage, and fire turret frenzy

I’m not an experienced player, but this is my thought.

  1. Mage tower’s main purposes are blocking spells and drain rages. Both cannot be boosted by runes (AFAIK), so they’re out
  2. Storm (if any) is not a good damage dealer, so probably no.

That leaves runes for you main damaging towers.

Nothing. All runes for those towers suck.


Actually, the frenzy runes appear to be working correctly now. So, to say that they all suck is not accurate.

Don’t be salty. :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus ~4% or so for a mythic frenzy? What effect does that have?

Well… that depends.

But it does make a difference. Especially when you consider that it can be the difference between getting 1 shot off or 2 before death (or maybe 3 instead of 1.5, which would be the same as 1), that can add up to a lot of additional damage.

They do work. Even with no enhancement (so, 3%), a mythic rune will make enough of a difference that you can see it if the towers are on the front and back halves of a long island with the rune affecting only one of them.

This is the best way to do it if you want an accurate measurement, since the game flows at different speeds. So there is not good way to account for that in two videos. Capturing two towers in single video shows what you would want to see.

4% :slight_smile:

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runes make difference. Especially flak frenzy ones. One more shot of fire flak means a lot.

Edit: Also, since update 4.0+ i had an shaky feeling that my base is not that great. With Frenzy runes, its confirmed that its gonna be just above average without Fire flak.

Maybe I’ll add my mythic ice turret frenzy and see how it goes :man_shrugging:

What else could you add anyway, with Ice turret being the only one with useful runes?

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That’s why I said add nothing :joy:

Many runes boost stuff that doesn’t match the purpose of the tower like storm tower, for example. Storms aren’t meant to do damage :man_shrugging:t2:. Then you have Ice Turret Frenzy runes which do nothing. Mages supershot damage runes are useless because the mage’s purpose is to block spells and drain rage. I’m not even sure if there is a Dark Flak rune in Runic Chests. I’m not sure if there is Ice Turret Striker in Runic Chests. All those runes are garbage…but you know what’s even more garbage?
Runic Chests :see_no_evil:
So very few people will even have a Dark Flak rune

I always wondered what exactly does mage super shot damage rune do? Does it freeze it longer? That’s what I always thought but it’s impossible to tell for sure unless you get a friend on another team to swap runes in and out to compare freeze times. But I’m not gonna ask anyone to do that…it costs rubies :man_facepalming:

Runic Chest isn’t completely garbage though. It allows us to get Legendary / Mythic Rune once for each pvp event, free.

Right choice, ice turret ss gives annoying graphics that makes some players miss hitting the storm :slightly_smiling_face:.

I want Ice Turret Striker.
I hope PG will add it :))))))

I should have been more clear. I meant buying with rubies, was thinking of the rare mystic strikers and ya

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They actually said they fixed the frenzy runes, have you tested to see if they’re still broken?

It does exactly what it says, more damage with mage supershots. Yes they do damage and yes it’s pretty much not noticeable.