Runes on leos and gladicus

@PGJared is there a change to where the epic and legendary ruins on the seasonal dragons not having a secondary effect to them? Why? All other runes that are epic or higher have secondary effects what’s going on here I have yet to see a resolve or answer to this.

Also, gladicus runes do the same thing rejuvinaye runes do, but the rejuvinate runes are much better stats plus come with rage generation.

The gladicus runes are paperwaits for dust!

Yes at least the epic and legendary ones do the mythic I have yet to receive but on leos. Leos mythic comes with hp and dark flak resist

u Must equip on Gladicus 5 Healing Frenzy runes/glyph with these bonus :

  1. Rejuvenate Increases Attack / Rage Generation

  2. Rejuvenate Increases Attack / Rejuvenate Duration

  3. Rejuvenate Duration / Rejuvenate Increases Attack

This is the only way to boost Gladicus atk rage and rejuvenate.
ps. The runes/Glyphs with these bonus DONT WORK ==> Rejuvenate Prevents Damage ( PG has disabled this option ).

Thanks for heads up

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