Runes on Nolaig

Does anyone know if the rejuvenation runes will work with Nollaig’s regenerate spell? I noticed today that I had a cast rejuvenate spell mission and did a run with Nollaig and got the egg tokens credit for it. So now curious if I can add rejuvenate runes on it.

Nope. Runes must exactly match the name of the spell to enhance it. Odd that it counted for a token mission though :thinking: :t_rex:

They are based on the same base spell. For some reason the mission aspect of it still works as the same, similar to freeze/earthquake, chaos/havoc, etc

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Oh, that’s interesting. Good to know, thank you :+1: :t_rex:

Thanks for the info I got a legendary rejuvenate in a silver chest and thought about using it on Nollaig but didn’t want to waste it either.

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Not many good higher-tier dragons have Rejuvenate. Highest I can think of is Khrysos, but I don’t have him so I’m not in the position to judge him. :t_rex:

He’s ok but when I fly him I find myself using his roar all the time and not rejuve much. But I will now probably put this rune there for the rage bonus on it.

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Save them for Kyrule.

I put all of my legendary and epics on him and he could solo invader at level 2 lol. He heals for 50% health per rejuvenate now (or more)

Rejuvenate - Made the healing faster (previously over 5 secs→now over 4 secs) and increased the total amount of health gained (13%→30%). We found that the amount of heal gained wasn’t worth the rage cost.

Just checked and it adds 4.67s onto the spell which means that he heals for 217% of the original amount he typically would have with the same rage. It ends up being able to be spammed and constantly used and you never run out of rage lol. So total of 65% of health healed over 8.67s


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