Runes - order by equipped not working

Hi all,

since several versions, when using “order by”->“equipped” in “Runes” seems pretty useless to me, as it actually applies a filter and shows only equipped runes, instead of showing all equipped runes and then all unequipped runes (i.e. ordering them).
The 5.10 release notes mentioned fixes regarding this, but nothing changed in that regard, and since then, I’m unable to clean up my runes (and glyphs).

Thus, some questions:

  1. Is this intentional? If yes, what’s the idea behind this? What’s the disadvantage of showing unequipped runes as well (if ordered correctly)?
  2. Is the 100 unequipped rune limit enforced somehow? Because without this filter, it’s almost impossible for me (and others I talked to) to clean them up properly. And while I know I already had more than 100, I also already lost quite a few valuable runes (though not sure it’s because of the limit). If not, is there an actual limit?
  3. How do others deal with this? Since I don’t level my lineage dragon’s runes (can always salvage them later if needed), there’s no way to filter them out anymore

I’d be grateful for some response from PG for (1) and (2), e.g. @Arelyna , because, please excuse the language/bitterness, I’m a bit fed up trying to get useful responses from support.

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P.S.: hope this is the correct forum section, seemed the most fitting…

because with it showing you was able to move runes free of charge!
it is possible that its there but it also dont count runes on your base or on your dragons!

What do you mean by “move runes free of charge”? Between dragons? And maybe I’m not aware, but I don’t see how an order allows me to move runes… there are multiple other orderings available that show all runes - just not in a suitable order.
What’s “there” but doesn’t count runes? Sorry, I don’t get that either…

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