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Good day

I need to know which Runes would be best compatable for the following dragons: (Epic,Legendary and Mythic)


Abraxxas: none. Don’t waste runes on this flying garbage can.


Leo, no runes. Useless dragon. Leave him running naked

First of all, it depends on your level and what stones you got for Leos and Gargula.
Personally, i would have Rage on Gargula and Dark flak resist on Leos but remember that though it is fun to fly, it won’t be useful for competitive wars with deenders.
That being said, Leos is really good dragon for half price imo and Definitely worth it till platinum.
Above that though, i won’t comment.

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Oh boy…

Abraxxus is…Abraxxus. Not worth runing. Leos, from what I have seen, does well becuase of his resists, which runing would do little to alter. And Gargula? Maybe rage runes, although he does already have sacrifice. I have not had a lot of luck trying to fly Gargula, though I just may be flying him wrong. He dies so much faster than Necryx.

Not very many runes go with their spells. Probably mostly just the runes provided in their lines are your best bet. Hard call.

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Coach loves Gargula! It really depends on preference but Necryx is too good. Period

Coach? Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

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