Runes Spreadsheet/Runes Organizer?

Hi guys !

I’ve searched the forum and looked into the Vault yet have been unable to find a Runes Spreadsheet/Runes Organizer. Is there any ? If so, anyone know where to find it ?

Thank you !

Can you be more specific about what you mean?

I was thinking of something like :

For a lack of it I’ve been making this for myself (so I know which to delete, which to keep, etc etc) since I couldn’t find any alternatives that might’ve been better made

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Oh! Then nope, haven’t come across anything like that

I know Zami doesn’t have anything like that, and Neon only shows stats


Would many people be interested in something like this?

I can have a look into it, but will be a little while as I already have a few sheets on the go

It would be a bigger amount of work so only if a decent number are keen. I already have other projects pushed back :joy:


Oh, that’s so kind of you :slight_smile: It’s not really necessary for me, since I’ve taken it upon myself to do my own. I was asking in case one already existed, not to add a workload to anyone. But thank you ! :slight_smile:

I personally wish the rune organizer in the game was better. So many duplicates I hate reviewing them and deleting useless. Should be an or use function.


Can you publish the one you have made?

For what it’s worth, here it is.

What it’s worth:
-only my own runes are currently included
-I have not double checked values, which I’ve absolutely gotten wrong here and there because that was a SLOG
-Ideally, a proper, usable, shareable, “official” fanmade spreadsheet would have an autofill of names and values like there is on Zami’s Fortification Planner, but idk how to do that, it’s a wonder I got auto format to work

Hope the bare bones of this help somehow


Thanks when I get a chance after work I will look it over

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EDITED : put some autofill in there (though I’m sorry but the values will have to be input individually)

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Had a sink issue to deal with might not get to this today as can’t wash dishes or do anything in the kitchen till repaired lol

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