Runes were updated?

When did this happen?

Last update.
It’s awesome right? :raised_hands:t3:


Hell yeah its about time… i just cant believe its taken me this long to realize. When was the last update? The one for war?

Yep yep, 5.02 :slight_smile:

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Thats awesome i had no idea, its about time PG. Well done.

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Only 1 problem…

It should be closer to +1.4m hp not .5m hp :roll_eyes:

It’s not multiplicative with your rider and research.

Base health for your mage is 6.38m, 8% of that is 510k.

In total, research, rider, gear and runes age giving you +179% health it seems, 8% of that 179% is those runes.


I always knew runes applied to base stats and thats why they dont seem to make much a difference other than frenzy…idk why im surprised.

Edit i gotcha… it just adds to the collective amount. Well damn.

@moderators please, this one is also solved :grin: