Runic Chest/Bonus - 16/5/18 - Kingdom Wars

with cloak as secondary effect…

This might be dusted … 1% ain’t much and its a round spot. :confused:


It’s possible that the mythic will be around 3-5%

I knew they’d be bad but :rofl:


Looks like rune dust to me


i got the same

right on! starts at 3%

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I got a Legendary Hunter Attack with Cannon Resist secondary.

So based off this, ONLY attack runes are dropping in the legendary and mythic range?



Here is mythic. Percents are the same between warrior sorcerer and hunter for primary and secondary.

Secondary resists are: ( so far )
Sorcerer - fire flak resist or dark flak resist
Hunter - ice turret resist or canon tower resist
Warrior - ice flak resist or archer tower resist

Below is all unenahnced (level 1)
Mythic primary is 3% secondary 2.3%
Legendary primary is 1% secondary 1.7%
Epic primary is 1% secondary 1.3%
Rare primary is 0.5% no secondary


I needed more Rune dust…

Why archer resist for the 2nd ability? I must say, that boost is very disappointing. What does it max out at, 3%?

I’m very curious to know 1. If someone has the numbers on a maxed Mythic and 2. At what point and for what dragons/tiers this is worth a Rune slot for.

I’m not a math person, but this seems a poor choice for dragons like Avyx and Aibrean that have a big attack boosting spell, so not sure if one of these pulls is automatic dust or worth hanging onto.


5% primary, 3.4% secondary. (Maxed mythic)

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I’m not a clairvoyance :see_no_evil:

Thanks ^^

for 8k rubies, there should never be a rare rune.

Also, the new class specific runes are pretty weak. Please bump them up at least 50%. Thanks.

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