Runic Chest Drops 2/8/18 Fight Pits

Legendary Elemental Barrier Glyph
With lightning resist modifier
And Ice Resist with Trebuchet Resist

Post ur drops below


Wow nice I got crap as usual

It’s either lightning cannon or storm can’t remember what I already had

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Poor cheeky :confused:


Other than what I just got I’ve never got anything other than legendary ice and fire turret resist. You seem to get lucky every time lol

It’s the 1 time I’m lucky😬

Mine actually worked and produced a real name lol.


I’m pretty sure I got crap:

Does this rune actually DO anything??? (Aside from be salvageable for dust?)

Lol, at least mine was easy to find :laughing: only mythic rune I had for buildings lmao


Legendary wisdom glyph here. No screen shot, sorry. Rage secondary. Not too shabby.


Mythic rage glyph + invert duration
Mythic Northern Lights rune + rage


Beats the evasion I got last time. Still can’t use this though :pensive:

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Legendary Ele Barrier glyph (+ lightning resist)

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I got a ‘Legendary Storm Frenzy’ LMFAO… nothing legendary about that. I didn’t bother looking at it’s secondary before dusting it.

What does the mythic NL do? Increase the duration of the shield?


got three sets and received mythic rage, mythic ice turret frenzy (to go with the other 40), legendary wisdom and epic wisdom glyphs.

didn’t pay attention to runes as i’ve got more of those then i know what to do with. Glyphs is what is needed!!!

Can you send me the screenshot for the mythic northern lights rune, please? Need to see this with my own eyes.

it’s the first one of the pair above unless I’m missing something

Wish that I had a mythic northern lights rune/glyph for my Spindra and for a future divine.