Runic chest misunderstanding

DECIMATION of Information is key to preventing post like this. Replacing does not conclude that “Chest will not be available till after event” Thank all of you for you very kind :rofl: replies. Do you forget the time when you just began playing? Not that hard to kindly explain is it? Thanks anyhow.

You can’t earn runic chests, you can only purchase them. You are earning silver chests, but you can’t see them until the runic chests are gone and the silvers are back.


But then you would actually had to have spent, I dunno, 2 seconds searching to find the answer to your make believe problem.

What the guy before me said.

And the ingame mail said.

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To clear up any and all doubt, not like you will even come read this…


@ModMat @Psarus, solution found, please close

I knew a post like this would come up, even with the mail and forum post :man_shrugging:t3:
PG actually did a great job communicating this one!


It’s almost like people don’t bother reading or something…

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Team emails, no hit lists, event strategies… what’s next, they’re gonna be surprised the hidden dragons are gonna be a week late?

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They don’t, and proudly admit it. In LC a fellow player asked when the event starts when there was 2h32m left of the Treasure Hunt… Timer, forum, Facebook, in-game mail… Ahh… why do we even bother?! - I ask myself :stuck_out_tongue:


@Lutrus and remember that’s only the first of this event… There’s gonna be 2 or three more til Monday at least… :tired_face:


Thanks for the flag.
Closing post as answer provided.

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