Runic Chest Pulls - Conquer The World

Post your pulls here!


DAMN YOU LUTRUS!! :joy: I’m jealous :cry:

I got a mythic dark flak resist rune and a legendary fire turret resist rune (2 accounts)…sigh…

Lol… legendary fire turret resist glyph here…smdh

Mythic fire turret resist. :confused:

Oh, I can finally brag. :heart_eyes:


Same here… ahhh the happiness. Does the free chest trick work on similar chests too?

It works with Sigil chests.

I don’t even have a drag with fire resist on my roster lol

I know another person got legendary fire turret resist.

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What is the free chest trick? :flushed:

OPEN 30 silvers, keep the bonus fine unopened and wait for runic or sigils to come and then open then


I got the same thing

Yet another legendary ice turret resist

My small keeps stealing all the good drops - Mythic Rage, while main gets Dark Flak Resist :woman_facepalming:

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Dark Flak Resist beats legendary Fire turret resist in my opinion :laughing: … though a lot more dragons resist fire turrets. I don’t even know if I have a dragon with dark flak resist on this account.

Idk about resist runes…I know research and breeding is over priced however research allows the resistance of dark flak, fire and ice turret rests to + 10%. So those resists resist 80%. A maxed mythic rune gives +6.7%. Three mythic runes and maybe some rider resist boost or some other rune will give u invincibility vs the specific tower. I see this being very strong on estril.
But who has 3 mythic runes (1 a glyph and billions of rune dust (exaggeration) and can keeps up with sapphire research) Looks like a millionaire lol

I did not get a picture, but this time I got a legendary Dark flak resist rune. Not terrible, since I did not spend anything, but since I already got a mythic dark flak resist from last time, I may just end up dusting, unless I save it for some future worthy dragon.

However, this is much better than a mythic evasion rune, so kudos to PG.